a/n: in this poem, i use "ze" as a gender-neutral pronoun. sorry for any confusion. also, i do mean pee.


i am the erased,

the invisible, the non-existent.

i am gone,

but i was never really here.

i am the laughed at,

the ridiculed, the entertainment.

i am here, but i am not.

there is no word for what i am

that you know,

for i am taught to be wrong,

disgusting, immoral.

i am here,

but no one sees me or hears me,

and when i shout,

i am ignored.

you know not me

because if you did,

i would be dismissed

as easily as blinking.

i am the unnatural,

the freak, the insane.

but i am patient,

and i will wait quietly,

until the day i will be heard,

acknowledged, made real.

and still, you will not accept me.

i do not fit,

and you dislike my complexity

because it is hard for you to understand.

i am here

and always was here

and i always will be here,

much to your chagrin.

i refuse to be erased any longer,

so when you learn about me,

you better not laugh,

and when your english teacher

excludes my pronouns,

you sure as hell better correct em,

because i am here,

and i am here to stay.

i am me,

and my complexity makes me beautiful.

like the meadow, sky, and ocean

*your* god made,

because ze made me too.

wether or not you like me,

it is *your* job, not mine,

to include me.

it is your job

to ensure i feel safe in public,

that i have somewhere to pee,

that i am no longer afraid

to be myself.

i am here.

look at me.

see me.

hear me.

listen to me.

i will never go away,

so when you ignore me,

i'll be there still

dancing, singing, rejoicing.

i am beautiful,

and if you can't see that

then fuck you.

i will *never* go away.