The sky was streaked with oranges and reds as the sun started to set, giving everything a warm, golden glow. To Serenity this was the most beautiful moment of the day. Most of the other children in the orphanage had already gone inside, either watching tv or playing games. But not him, if only for the fact that it was near impossible for him to do any of that, being both deaf and mute. Most of the others tended to avoid him as well, thinking he was stupid for not talking or understanding what they said. The only person who freely hung out with him was one of the caretakers, Liam. He was also the one who had taught him sign language, seeing as he had a deaf sister. But now Liam wasn't here anymore, leaving Serenity all by himself.

The only ones he now had left were the trees in the garden and the wind. They spoke to him, and unlike anything else he was able to hear and understand them. But maybe that was because they didn't communicate via words, it was more something that was felt, and then converted into something understandable to him. He didn't knew how he did it, or why, and neither did he knew that he was the only one capable of such a thing. To Serenity it was just something he had always been able to do.

He watched the sun inch closer and closer towards the horizon, deepening the sky's colour scheme, as well as that of the light surrounding him. Despite the chilliness that had settled itself in the late October winds, Serenity stayed where he was, waiting until it was completely dark before standing up. With one last look towards the swaying trees in the garden and the appearing constellations he hurried inside.

Closing the backdoor behind him Serenity hurried through the living room and upstairs towards his room. Once inside he dropped himself to the floor and reached underneath his bed, coming back up with a sleek, black case in his hands. Gingerly, he placed it on his bed, opening it to reveal a delicate looking instrument.

Before he left, Liam would often take one of his instruments with him to the orphanage to play for the children. Whenever he did, Serenity would, despite being unable to heard the music, observe him intently, attempting the memorize exactly how he played. Then one day, when all the children and caretakers had been outside, Serenity had found Liam's violin case, and, being the curious 7-year old he was, took it out and attempted to play it as he tried to recall how Liam did it.

Not much later Liam had found him. For Serenity it had incredibly embarrassing, the deaf, mute boy attempting to play an instrument. He had felt so foolish right then, expecting Liam to laugh at him. But he hadn't. On the contrary, he had signed him that he had actually been pretty good, especially for someone who had never held a violin before and was deaf.

Then, on the day Liam left, Serenity had found a wrapped box in his room. A card hanging from it, saying it was Liam's parting gift to him. Curious as to what his only friend could have given him he opened the box. For a while he had just stood there, staring at the box' contents. It had been a black, delicate looking electric violin. No speakers with it, no cables, no nothing. Just the violin. 'So you can play your own music, silently, just like you.' An engraving on the back read.

In the tree years that had passed ever since, that violin had been Serenity's most treasured possession, still is. But it wasn't exactly the violin itself that was so valuable to him. It was what happened when he played it.

Closing his eyes he rested the instrument against his shoulder, resting his chin on the chin rest and placing the bow against the strings. Taking a deep breath he began to play. Almost immediately, bright coloured waves and lines appeared before his mind's eye, swirling and dancing around, transforming into intriguing patterns.

It was like some sort of synaesthesia, only that there wasn't any need for the element of sound to bring forth the visuals.

And to Serenity, it was one of the most amazing things he had ever experienced. And it was his. His and only his.

AN: A little piece taken from a story I might write. That is, if I find the time. It's about a boy, Serenity, who is actually a personification of the element Wind. Because he's imperfect, both deaf and mute, the Elements decided to discard him into the human world. There he was found and taken to an orphanage, growing up without any knowledge about who or what he is.