I'm sorry

I have something to say,

So I'll tell you in this letter.

I know that you'll be mad,

But please don't hate me forever.

We've been together for a few months,

But it's time for us to say our goodbyes.

I know you'll be confused and upset.

I know you'll want me to tell you why.

I want to let you know

That you didn't do anything wrong.

But I know that I've kept up this useless charade

For far, far too long.

You were the perfect gentleman, believe me.

You bought me gifts and made me smile.

You tried to make me always happy,

And you tried to make our relationship worth while.

You're a really sweet guy,

Believe me when I say.

I wish, for your sake, I could pretend

And just tell you that everything's okay.

But everything is not okay,

As I'm sure you have gathered.

So now I have to tell you

The only thing that really matters.

This letter is how I'm saying

That I'm breaking up with you.

I know that this is lame

But it is the only thing I can do.

I know this is the coward's way,

And for that I apologize.

It's just that I'm too afraid to tell you to your face

That I'm head over heels in love with another guy.

A/N: I wrote this for my ex-boyfriend. I haven't given it to him or anything, but it helped me break up with him.

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