You were my world.

You were my sun.

I trusted you

More than I've trusted anyone.

You made me smile.

You made me overflow with joy.

Even then I knew –

You are a very special boy.

You filled me with hope.

You filled me with glee.

But one day you said

You were breaking up with me.

My soul was crushed.

My heart laid broken.

I long to tell you

Those words I've never spoken.

I told you I love you,

And the same you replied.

But now I know the truth –

It was only just a lie.

It's been almost a year now,

But I still can't forget

How you have scarred me

And showed no regret.

We're friends now,

But it still isn't the same.

All the kind words in the world

Couldn't cure me of this pain.

You have a new girl now.

She stands in my place.

I still can't believe

How easily you had me replaced.