It's like a game of cat and mouse –

You always know what will come at the end.

But in our game full of melancholy,

Who is the mouse? Who is the one that needs to defend?

Am I the mouse?

Am I the one who is constantly being chased?

It seems very likely with all the tears you're made me shed,

And with how much you scare me – excite me – and make my heart race.

I know I feel like the rat,

Wth everything you do and say triggering me to run and to hide.

But what are you, my sweet and frightening cat?

What do you feel that you are, deep on the inside?

Am I your pretty little kitten –

Trying at every chance I get to entice and entrance you –

Or am I the mouse, sweetheart?

Because you entice and you entrace me too.