Bright eyed and bouncing, Blue jumped into his bed like a cat. His slightly pointed ears stuck out of his fluffy dirty brown hair. He was only seven years old and so he was ecstatically full of energy like any child his age.

Blue's mother was a tall woman with long, straight nearly black brown hair. "Well, how about a traditional story tonight?" She asked as she carried a book with her from her own personal library, one her husband was constantly adding to for her.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Blue bounced up and down before his mother came over and pulled his blankets back.

"Well, settle in then." She waited while her son scooted beneath the covers before she opened the book and began reading.

"Before our world existed, there existed many worlds and many universes as there were before them and before them stretching back into infinity." The gentle woman flipped the page and continued. "After one world came to the end and broke apart, the Goddess of that world found herself sad and lonely with nothing to care for.. Before they could scatter to far, she gathered the spent pieces of her world and encased them in shells made from her own skin that were hard as diamonds and sparkled like suns. She made four of these eggs and tended and cared for them until a new world began to form."

Blue watched the pictures on the page move with its enchanted magic as she read the story.

"When the world had formed its mountains and rivers, it's oceans and deserts and it's deep caves and vast, empty fields, the mother Goddess planted her eggs. One she planted on the top of a mountain. One she planted in the depths of a volcano. Once she planted on a large rock which she pulled from the world's surface and flung to hang in the sky above. The last egg she placed in the very molten core of the world itself, where everything churned and changed and constantly moved to rub against the precious egg and protect it from any harm." The woman was interrupted by her son tugging at the upper part of her sleeve.

"Mama, why was that egg so important?" Blue asked, large green eyes imploring as he watched the egg in the center be covered and uncovered by a hot red and white metals in the middle of the world.

"Because, that egg was all alone…Unlike in the other eggs, inside the fourth egg, only one child grew while each other held twins." She answered as she flipped the page. "Three eggs hatched all at the same time and from them burst three sets of twin elements. From the mountain top wind and earth broke forth and flooded through the world. From the depths of the volcano flowed fire and water, twined together as they danced down the sides of the volcano, only separating when they reached the water below. The stone which the mother goddess had pulled from the worlds surface burst forth with light and darkness, the two elements which would later serve as life and death as well and they spread across the surface of the moon to better see their siblings down below."

Blue watched in amazement as the words played out on the pictures, shapeless colors and elements formed themselves as they spread through the world on the pages.

"As they became sentient and aware as all children do, they became aware of their mother watching over them and in her image, formed bodies for themselves. Soon the world knew of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light and Dark as not just abstract colors but as grand Dragons, large as mountains and seas. As they grew, the Mother Goddess pulled her daughter Fire from the world and flung her into the sky where she began to spin and fly in circles and pull the world around her to warm and light it with the help of her sister Light. With her daughter lighting and warming the sky, the Mother told her daughters that the world would be a much fuller place if they each pulled from their elements and created races that would fill the planet with life." The woman leaned over and kissed her young son on the head.

"Is that where we come from?" Blue asked eagerly, changing the page for his mother.

The woman chuckled and nodded. "Yes, but our race was not the first to be made." She turned the page. "Each Goddess in her image, made a dragon who's strength and weaknesses reflected her own. But they had never made anything before and the first generation of dragons were enormous and immortal and thus grew very slowly. Earth, in her wisdom and caring, created the Giant race with the help of her sister Darkness, they made giants who would grow and mature faster than dragons but live enormous life-spans so they could care for developing dragons and act as nanny's."

Blue reached out, running his hand over the tactile surface of the book, feeling the smooth scales of the dragons.. He secretly wished a dragon lived near their home town, he'd always liked them and wanted to meet one.

"The third race to be made were the merfolk and Water gave them the ability to change not only their own appearance but to create new forms of life in the ocean, a skill they have never allowed beyond the boarders of their own kind." She reminded Blue who had started to look excited. "Eledants were the forth race, made by Wind, Eledants were given no special abilites, no particular duty in the world, so they became the first Diplomats. All Eledants have excellent magical skills and it's rare that their kind ever find a love for war or violence, so they took it upon themselves to quell arguments wherever they arose."

Blue touched the picture of the Eledants.. They were all tall, the males where thin and slender in gowns like sundresses and all the women were broad and muscular in tunics and pants.. They were a race that defied common social schemes, though Blue knew they were only common because there were so many humans.

"Our race was the fifth race to be made." She turned the page and the book displayed almost human looking creatures with thinner, finer features. "We were made by Light, like the Eledants, Fairmoires also were given no particular task, but unlike the Eledants, we settled quite quickly into such jobs as agriculture and tending to the living as care takers rather than defenders."

Blue looked a little sad then and his mother stroked her sons hair. "Half-bloods are even more important because they have the responsibility of both their parents races, not just one." She soothed her sons worry. "And so twelve races were created to fill the world," she continued, flipping the page. "Yet nothing happened. Confused and curious, the Six Goddesses looked to their mother for an answer, in reply she told them that together, they would all have to go to the center of their world and retrieve Change, who was still sleeping in her shell. So together, the six elements traveled through the earth, shadows, water and molten fire to the very core of their world where they found the last unhatched egg. Each touched their last sisters egg and it began to crack under the contact like brittle glass. When all the shell had fallen away, what was left was an element of pure, unending change. Their final sister was so unstable that the other six had to use all their own powers to allow her to even take a solid form. With their help, their sister was able to join them on the surface of the world where she marveled at all the things they had created."

Blue marveled as well, but he moved at the ever shifting and changing form where even her six sisters could only make her somewhat stable, every time it seemed her body settled into one shape, something would change, sometimes subtly, other times drastically.

"Her sisters encouraged her to make a species of her own but the fragile Goddess declined, she said that she was to afraid anything she made would disrupt the beauty they had made. It took many hundreds of years, but eventually, Change took something from each of her sisters and one thing from herself and made the thirteenth race: Humans." The woman looked over and saw Blue frowning. "What is it?" She asked, not yet closing the book but unconsciously tensing her grip.

"Why is she called Change..? I thought that the Goddess who created humans was called Chaos?" He asked, looking up at his mother.

"She is now. Before humans were made, she was called Change.. But humans were everything she had hoped and feared." The woman turned the page. "Humans got the strength of dragons, the wisdom of giants, the grace of Eledants, the skills of Fairmoires, and all the other good things of the good races, but they also got Change's adaptability and uncontrollable shortness of life… With the short life span came a desire for immortality like the other races had… Their self desires and fears brought forth the evil and destruction that will eventually bring everything to an end as the world before us." There was a softness in her voice, not fear or sadness but a kind of resigned quietness. "Humans set into motion time and change which before was unknown to the world, the influence of humans has shortened the lives of other immortals until only Giants, Dragons and Eledants are still blessed with true immortality. It is from humans that the Feral race came to be, from their blood and the power of Darkness and Fire, the Feral creatures were made as an attempt to temper the human's speed in reproduction by acting as a competitor for resources. They are the most like humans and for that, they will likely never truly be at peace with them." The woman let her gaze wander over the book. "The oldest dragon, should he not be killed, will live to see when the world falls and crumbles and then he took will be released from life as everyone else." She was not longer reading from the book, instead she had closed it and stood.

"Well, I think that's enough for tonight.." She tucked Blue gently into his bed, large green eyes stared up at her with something like wonder.

"Mama… Why.. I mean, can't Chaos fix things… So the humans won't be so fearful and greedy..?" Blue asked softly.

The woman shook her head. "Some things even the Goddesses themselves cannot change. Eledants protect us for the most part and the Academy's do their share to educate and offer shelter but all things end and individual humans are not all bad… Some of them are actually quite lovely." She kissed her young son on his forehead and pulling over the light crystal that kept the entire room bright enough to see, she blew softly until it was only dimly lighting right beside her sons bed. "Sleep Blue, tomorrow the flowers will open and things will not seem so bleak."

- Three years later -

James Willian was Blue Willian's cousin and between the two of them, Blue was the only one with any semblance of common sense. In fact, it was often said that James was the open emotion and Blue was the calculated thought.

Thus it was that James was pulling Blue through one of the worst storms their little village in the mountains had ever experienced; and not away from it either.

"James! James stop! This is ridiculous!" The brown haired boy couldn't really struggle against James, the boy was not only bigger but significantly less capable without a set of brains at least following him…

"Come on Blue! Where's your sense of adventure?" James glanced back at his little cousin, bright blue eyes locked on the worried green ones behind. James was not one to fear danger or be wary of trouble, he considered it adventure only… Yet despite being older, it was Blue being sent to the Academy, not him… He didn't quite understand why…

"Hiding! Hiding back home under the bed with my sense of reasoning!" Blue's high purple boots slapped into the wet mud, the rain had plastered his delicate teal shirt and shorts to his body, making them even more revealing than usual.. Had he not been under the protection of his cousin, Blue might have felt self conscious. James was always so sure of everything though, he neither had fear nor any care about what other people thought of him, when his cousin was near him, Blue felt like he could be the same.

James just laughed at Blue and pulled him towards the mountain line. "Well, come on then! If they're both back home then follow fun instead!" The brown haired, blue eyed tan boy spurred his cousin on to follow him.

Blue let out an exasperated groan and picked up his pace to match his cousin in speed. There was no fighting anymore, James had his head set on getting to the small break in the mountain side that allowed the valley and forest dwelling village a small glance at the coastal region beyond which was where the storm hailed from. Thanks to the mountains the storm could do no worse than heavy rainfall, James wanted to see the barreling winds, the cones and spires of horror he had so many times heard about from the older people who remembered a time before the village was established.

Blue had only just turned ten, James was almost thirteen and significantly taller than Blue was. No one was really surprised when Blue had become both incredibly smart and gentle, his father was one of the wisest scholars in the town and his mother worked as a nurse taking care of both people and animals. Blue himself had taken up flower arrangement and gardening, something James seemed to delight in distracting him from with adventure.

James was one of the bravest and strongest young boys in the town. His father, while also incredibly smart, had gone to the Academy and become a Fiercer to better protect their town. He refused to send James though because he said smart brave people were needed to protect their town, none of them could be spared in such a time; though he would not tell James just what he meant by 'such a time'.

Blue nearly lost his footing four times as the grassy plains opened to the rocky side of the mountains. With no grass or greenery to keep the soil in place the rocks were slick and loose, how James managed to keep his own balance was a mystery.

It took both of them nearly a half an hour as the storm got progressively worse to make it even half-way to the pass and another full hour to make it the rest of the way through the harsh rain and sharp winds. Once into the pass, they moved quickly with only the occasional howling wind to stall them as James assured Blue there were no monsters or ghosts in the commonly traversed mountain pass. At the other side in front of the mouth of the pass, James took a step back and nearly knocked Blue over.

"What? James? What do you see?" Blue was eager, they had come all that way, he at least wanted to see what it was but James blocked his view in the tiny pass that was little more than a long tunnel through the mountain.

"Nothing. It's just raining on that side too." James lied. He didn't care if it was obvious, he would not allow his precious little cousin to see what was really happening on the beaches below the mountain. Instead he body blocked so Blue could not see it and quickly pressed them back inside, forcing Blue inside ahead of him so the younger brunet could not catch a glimpse carnage beneath.

James hadn't know what his father had mean all those times he had said 'in such times' but now he did.. It wasn't just a tsunami or tornado or hurricane… Beneath him it had been literal carnage… He could see the town in the distance was on fire. It was raining harder then it had in years and it was still on fire. He had seen figures that moved in ways he recognized as being undead, he could clearly make out the distant shapes of skeletons.. The dead had taken over that town and only the Gods knew what else was going on down there.. Blue did not need to see that.

Blue was annoyed that after being pulled so far, his cousin wouldn't even allow him to see it, but there was a fierceness in James' voice that told Blue this time he shouldn't argue.. He did as his cousin said and held the older boys hand as he lead the way back out. The entire way back, James did not assure him about the lack of ghosts and monsters…