Nora lazily rolled onto her back. It was a gorgeous day- the best she'd seen yet. The sun was glowing yellow against the blue background. Cotton candy clouds drifted along, puffy white boats sailing the sea. The clouds looked yummy and Nora stuck out her tongue, trying to get a taste. It didn't work though. Nonetheless, everything was splendid.

Nora had spent most of the afternoon lolly-gagging. She'd read a new book, picked flowers, and watched who passed along the nearby road. From time to time mothers, kids, or merchants would walk to-and-fro between the towns. Occasionally a car would zoom by, but that was a rare occurrence. For the most part, Nora knew who was coming and going.

All was silent at the moment. Nora sat up and yawned widely, leaning back on her arms. She wiggled her toes and basked in the sunlight. Nora surveyed the little clearing about her. The grass was green and speckled with tiny flowers. Rabbits hopped around and Nora thought she saw a couple of deers peeking through the trees. Hearing the crunch of gravel, Nora turned her head sharply. A sleek black car was coming down path. Nora had never seen anything like it. Most of the automobiles here were old, dilapidated pickups. That person must be from the big city Nora figured.

As the car got closer she saw that the rear window was open and she tried to sneak a peek. Who could be inside? The care began to slow, coming to a stop directly across from where she lay. Puzzled, Nora moved to stand, figuring that the stranger needed some assistance. As she stood, the driver's door opened and out stepped out, adorned in all black and made his way to the rear passenger door. The driver held the door open and another individual stepped out.

It was a male. He too was adorned in a black suit. From the distance, Nora couldn't make out who he was. Nora knew that they were both wolves. That she knew. But who he was was a mystery. Nora wasn't too concerned. Most wolves didn't cause unnecessary harm to a member of another pack. Still, it was odd. The silence settled and the man just stood there watching Nora in her white cotton dress and bare feet. Nora began to fidget and bent over to pick up her big, floppy straw hat. 'Might as well go see what he needs.'

At her movements the man began to walk towards her. Nora straightened quickly and jammed her hat on, walking towards the stranger As he approached, Nora could tell that the man was tall and built. The suit looked like it would burst at the seams from his movements alone. His hair was very dark and it was striking against his tan skin. Nora stopped a little ways away from him and finally broke the silence.

"Excuse me sir, but are you lost or somethin'?" Nora called out in a loud voice. The man said nothing as he neared her. "'Cause there's a town not to far from here if you need any help." Nora continued

The man reached where she stood. They were practically toe-to-toe. Nora was in awe at how he towered over her. He might as well have been a building. Nora felt minuscule. Being 5' 4", she wasn't much in the height department, a fact very much accentuated by the man who stood before her. What made her breath ragged however were his eyes. His eye were very dark, black even, and their fierce gaze was directed at her.

Whoever he was, Nora couldn't deny that he was handsome- beyond that even. The guy she was looking at now was the best looking person Nora had ever seen. Jarret Hughes, the town's golden boy, didn't stand a chance against this mountain of man. Now however, his features were darkened by displeasure. His eyebrows were furrowed and his mouth set in a grime line. If it wasn't for the fact that she'd never seen the guy before in her life, Nora would've guessed that she wronged him.

"S-sir? Is there anything I can help you with?" Nora stuttered while peering up at him.

The man's jaw clenched before he answered.

"What is your name?" The man's voice was rich, and Nora could pick up an accent but she wasn't sure what it was.

"Umm...Nora. Nora Jean Thompson." she said wiping her hands down her front and extending a hand in greeting. The man's gaze moved from her face, to her hand, and back again.
Nora slowly lowered her arm. It was silent again for a moment and Nora couldn't help but hear his voice in her head. She strangely found herself wishing that he would speak again. Nora's wish was granted

"I am Quinton Reeves." 'Quinton' said this with finality, as if he was expecting something. Nora didn't respond at first. She could feel the awkwardness seep into her skin.

"Uh...nice to meet you, mister?" Nora tilted her head.

Quinton's dark eyes widened and then narrowed. For some reason he was infuriated.

"Where do you live?" Quinton barked at her and Nora could tell that he was seething.

"Sir, I live in Wicks. If you keep going down this road you'll hit it eventually. Head for the sheriff's department. You can't miss it. Sheriff Thompson is my father so just tell him I sent you personally." Nora answered happily.

"You shall escort me there. Come." Quinton said, attempting to grab her arm. Nora stepped back quickly.

"Oh I'm sorry sir. I mean no disrespect, but I don't get in cars with strangers. You can trust my directions, and I'll even write 'em down for ya if you'd like."

Quinton's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"What are you doing out her alone, child? Do you often wander about? Do you have nothing to do with your time?" He said moving closer to her. Those eyes of his bore into Nora's, but she stood resolutely.

"Sir, Mr. Reeves, I can spend my time however I like. I don't take kindly to strangers telling me how to live my life."

"Well then, you are not as spineless as you look. However, this insolence will not be forgotten. I shall take my leave now, and you will follow and meet me at your father's place of work."

With that, Mr. Reeves turned sharply and headed back to his car. The driver, who'd been standing unmoving, opened the door and closed it behind Quinton. He went back to his seat and the car drove away.

Nora was left standing there, mouth slightly open, as the car sped to Wicks.

That had been odd.

"Gee , what a strange man." Nora thought as she gathered her things. 'How'd I get in this mess?" Nora huffed. "That Mr. Reeves better have a darn good explanation for this." Nora began walking back home.

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