The Girl in Red

A hand flat

Against a window pane;

Red nail varnish chipped –

The sky dark with rain.


A distorted reflection

In the glass;

The moon presides over night –

Creates long shadows on grass.


Silence hovers

In the darkened night;

Her full lips parted –

Face deathly white.


A noise sounds

And shatters the quiet;

The key in the lock –

A jingling riot.


Gasping she steps

Back into the dark;

The creak of a floorboard –

A foreboding mark.


An absent tune

Ascends the stairs;

A wicked smile –

Say your prayers.


She stands up tall

And glares ahead;

Dark eyes blazing –

The living dead.


The door

Opens with a creak;

She's poised to strike –

A bloodcurdling shriek.


Ruining her throat

Is a thick line of red;

He drew a knife on her –

They were due to wed.


His face

Usually so full of spite;

It alights with fear –

He cries out at the sight.


Of the girl

He hurt and ruined so well;

And then killed –

So she could never tell.


She shrieks

And strikes into him fear;

Of the dead and unknown –

Her eyes blaze and jeer.


Her revenge

Is so cruelly sweet;

Violent and terrifying –

A poetic defeat.


And she haunts

His house to this very day;

Shrieking and cackling –

Oh why didn't you pray?


A line at her throat

And eyes of the dead;

She shrieks 'beware, beware!' –

Of the girl in red.

So I haven't written any poetry in a long time, so I sort of sat down and decided to just write anything that came into my head. This sort of started to come out, then I thought about the film The Woman in Black and it sort of ended up being inspired by that a little bit. Hope you like it and please let me know what you think!

X :D