From foreign tyranny,

to internal instability,

This Empire, lays defended.

From city to countryside,

This Empire stands proud.

Independent, yet tied,

its citizens think aloud.

Unlike everywhere else,

their voices are heard undoubtedly.

Unlike everywhere else,

Both ears are used effectively.

In this Empire so complex and brilliant,

gold is valued far below knowledge.

Power is hated compared to good judgment.

When hit and suffering damage,

this Empire will shine and stand ready

for war without end, or even the end itself.

Knowing their morals and values,

the people that make up the Empire will never give in.

Prosperity here comes more than it goes,

but is never taken for granted.

The people have strong egos,

but every mistake and failure is studied.

This Empire will one day fade

As all others do.

And though the concrete structures may never exist,

the idea of such will never disappear.

But until then, This Empire I will defend.