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Zander plopped down onto the black leather couch in his living room, his boyfriend sitting down next to him and curling into his side. Zander smiled and draped his arm over Tristan as his boyfriend scooted up his body and pressed a soft kiss to his neck. As Tristan's lips showered his skin with kisses, his hand resting on his thigh, Zander's mind wandered.

He loved his relationship with Tristan—don't get him wrong. He cared for him more than almost everyone in the world(except for maybe his parents), and loved him to pieces. But recently, Tristan had become very jealous and possessive.

At first, it was cute how Tristan considered Zander his and only his. But now, it was irritating. Take laser tagging for example. Tristan got extremely jealous when the cashier started hitting on Zander, and to prove that he belonged to Tristan, he kissed Zander fiercely in front of her and then decided that it would be a good idea to give him a blowjob while in the arena.

Not that he didn't enjoy it, because he did and being that intimate in a public space had been exhilarating, but to him, sometimes it seemed that Tristan thought he could do anything and it'd be okay.

And having Tristan give him a blowjob while in the laser tagging arena wasn't okay.

Zander suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when Tristan's hand moved over his crotch.

"Okay…" Zander pushed Tristan away, who gave him a disappointed look, and sighed. "Look, Tristan. We need to talk." Tristan's smile fell immediately. He absolutely despised those words when they were used in a sentence together.

"Did I do something wrong?" Tristan asked, suddenly frightened. His hands began to shake, and he laced his fingers tightly together, though that didn't seem to help the shaking.

"No. Er…yes. Sort of. Look, Tristan." Tristan sat up and gulped down some air, forcing himself to look into his boyfriend's eyes. "I love you to bits Tristan, you know that. But lately, you've been sort of…possessive."

Tristan frowned, his normally sparking eyes dull and his eyebrows pinned together. "How so?"

"A little jealously in a relationship is healthy, normal even. But Tristan you can't always be scared that you're going to lose me and in turn, steal me away from the world."

"Zan." Tristan sighed and knotted his fingers into his hair. "I can't help it, I'm sorry."

"Sorry can't fix everything. You have to stop."

"Fuck, Zan, I love you!" Tristan screamed in frustration.

"I know you do, but dammit you can't go giving me blowjobs whenever and wherever you feel like it!" Tristan let an annoyed growl bubble up from his throat.

"Fuck. Shit, Zan, I can't—"

"I know!" Zander suddenly burst out, losing his head as well and throwing his hands up. "You can't help it!"


"Do you not trust me? Is that it? Because that girl who was hitting on me at laser tag was exactly that. A girl. There was no chance in fucking hell that we were going to get together and yet you still got jealous! And why? I don't understand why."

"Zander…" Tristan reached out and put his hand on his boyfriend's arm, but Zander pulled away. "Of course I trust you."

"Then why don't you act like it?" Zander turned to look at him, the corners of his mouth turned down into a deep frown. His blue eyes were shining and his jaw was set.

"Why are you getting so upset about this?" Tristan asked, now slightly annoyed and irritated.

"Why don't you get this?" Zander's voice was laced with anger now, his hands curled into fists at his sides. "Being possessive is not a good thing! You should know that I'd never cheat on you, and yet you are around 24/7 to make sure that I don't!"

"No, I'm around a lot because I like to be around you."

"You know, sometimes I want to hang out with other people—you're important to me, but you can't be the only one in my life all the time."

"So what do you want me to do?" Tristan's voice was so quiet that Zander would not have heard him had he not been sitting so close.

"Maybe…maybe since we can't seem to agree on this, we should take some chill time to figure this out."

"We're taking a break?" Tristan brushed his hair out of his eyes, looking at Zander, who looked as distraught as he felt. Zander sighed and wiped at his eyes.

"Yeah. I don't want things to be like this, but for now, this is for the best. I'm sorry." Tristan cleared his throat and stood.

"I should go." His voice cracked mid-sentence and he turned and left without so much as a goodbye.

This fight would either make or break them. And hopefully not the latter.

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