My life is contained
within four white walls.

From where I sit,
I peer out through a small window,
watching the wind
blow the trees side to side.

I stare at the moving cars,
the neon lit up signs,
those narrow-minded people
that walk to and fro their destinations.

I look through this window for minutes and minutes
totally oblivious of what anyone is doing
or anything that is said in class

It is in this isolated position
that one wonders why everything
must be enclosed by walls.

I see it as a way,
not for others to be kept away from me,
but I from them.

On the outside,
most don't see the whole picture
or even understand the world we live in.

We only understand what's familiar,
what's important to us,
what only affects our lives,
and that's the mindset we end up living in.

Who really takes the time to see the hidden, little things
or what happens to others in foreign countries?

The thing why they keep me enclosed by hard, solid walls
is so that I don't go out and change the way we live,
the way we treat each other,
the ideas I have that exposes the world's faults.
They want me to keep it all to myself,
and not speak out.

But that's why I write this,
why I stare at the trees,
why I am the way I am,
so that one day, there will be peace
between people
and in myself.