Happy Little Family - One Shot


Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson/Gail Kim)

3 year old daughter Emily Kimberly Danielson

It was in the middle of the night when Emily Kimberly, the daughter of WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan and WWE Diva Gail Kim woke up when she heard the loud clashes of thunder outside her window. She always hated storms and sleeping alone.

Getting out of her bed, she got her blanket and stuffed dog bringing it with her to her parents room that was just down the hall.

Making her way to the room, she saw both her parents asleep in bed together. Usually when she was scared, she always wanted to cuddle with her mom and dad to make the scary noises or whatever scared her go away.

"Mommy...daddy..."The three year old cried in a scared tone. She then ran closest to her daddy which caused him to wake up when he felt movement on the side of his bed and looked at the clock which read 3:14AM then back at his baby girl.

"Hey sweetpea...what's the matter?"Bryan asked softly as he saw the tears in his daughter's eyes.

"The storm scare me..."She mumbled softly.

A few minutes later Gail happen to wake up when she heard her husband Bryan was up and saw their daughter Emily who was in their room

Gail turned on her lamp by the desk and sat up.

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?"Gail asked her daughter who was crying as Bryan held her close.

"The thunder and lightning scared her."The dark blonde wrestler said consoling their 3 year old who hid her face into his shoulder as he felt her shaking against him.

"Daddy...can I stay with you and mommy just for tonight?"Emily asked in a small voice.

"Can she mommy?"He asked in his cheeky grin.

"Can I mommy?"Emily persuaded her mom with those beautiful brown eyes like her's and playfully pouted at her.

Gail Kim couldn't say no to that adorable little face when her daughter pouted at her like that.

The pretty diva giggled and shook her head yes patting the the bed for her daughter to get in.

"Okay Em...one night only okay baby then it's back to your room."Gail smiled as the little girl giggled getting on the bed to give her mommy a hug and kiss.

"I love you mommy."The three year old girl said.

"I love you too Em."Gail smiled at her little mini me.

"What about me Emmy...Don't you love daddy too?"Bryan joked playfully pouting at his daughter.

The three year old smiled just like her mommy making her like a little carbon copy of his wife as she gave him a kiss and a hug too.

"I love you Emmy bear."Bryan told her with a warm smile giving her a kiss on the head and playfully tugged on one of her little pigtails causing her to giggle.

"I love you too daddy."Emily said as she cuddled with both of them as Gail turned out the lights and tucked in their daughter in the middle of the bed then layed down facing their 3 year old little munchkin.

Bryan faced his daughter and made sure just to hold her close just in case she got scared and let her know he would protect her if she was scared. One of her little arms held her blanket and one held her stuffed puppy he had gotten her when she was a baby and was still attached to it.

He then looked at Gail who happened to fall back asleep as she had faced their daughter and had one arm wrapped around the little girls waist and had a content and peaceful look on her face as she slept same as their daughter who was a little mini me of his beautiful wife.

Bryan couldn't help but love them both and they were both his world. They were his everything.

A few minutes later sleep called out to him and soon joined his girls in dreamland.