Sand From The Sun

Verse 1 (just cymbals and bass drum are heard):

Those stars in your beautiful eyes

Have turned into a flow of painful rain

That's like a river running down your angel face

And me being there with you isn't enough

Chorus (with orchestra and drums):

If I only had sand from the sun

To take it all away, take it all away

Verse 2:

Those stars that were once in your eyes

Fell from the heavens like an everlasting light

With a gentle touch upon my face

But don't seem to look at me the same

Repeat Chorus

-Solo(with piano and orchestra in background)-


Wish I could ease your wicked pain

Cause now I can't seem to breathe

If you only would of told me

You probably would have never felt this way

Then your skies would be so sunny

And oh, so very blue

Even better with mud from the moon

Or with the waves upon the earth's shore

Repeat Chorus

("It would heal all the pain" as the music fades)