I heard it.

The sobbing.

I followed it.

Glad I did.

I found her, curled in to herself,

Arms around her knees, head bowed,

As if she tried to keep herself together

To not fall apart.

She didn't acknowledge me,

No lift of her head or twitch of some sort,

Staying in her world.

She was covered by dark colours,

Blacks and greys, shadows and darkness.

No light anywhere near her,

Especially in her eyes.

I went over to her, to help,

She recoiled, turning away from me,


I wouldn't have it.

I sat down next to her

And listened.

Yes, just that. Listened.

Eyes closed as the sound reached my ears,

Sad and heartbreaking.

Inhuman noises,

Soul-crushing noises.

I didn't move nor bat an eyelid when my cheeks became damp,

Silent crying, my speciality.

Body tense and cold,

Water being pushed over the edge.

She sobbed next to me,

Shaking like a leaf.

She screamed yet I still made no movement.

She continued to scream into thin air,

Into nothing, absolutely nothing.

This time I let my arm go around her shoulders,

Pulling her to me.

She tried to push me away

I gripped harder,

Laying her head on my shoulder.

She gave in.

Soon my shoulder was soaked,

Wet from both our tears.

My mouth closed and curved down at the edges,

Hers open and letting screams go.

Nobody else came,

We were safe.

Safe in the darkness.

Safe together.