The Problem With Violence In Schools. Why it is Crucial for Schools to be safe

In the United Kingdom, there are many cases of violence in primary and secondary schools whether these cases are minor occurrences of violence or major. Violence can be an every day occasion for a student's school life. It is a serious problem that schools are sometimes unsafe and I will get to the reason later in this article.

First, a few cases of violence in schools in the UK. The first on I would like to present is very close to home for me. According to '.uk.' there were '25 cases of allegations of child abuse in the county's education services by professionals, ranging from head teachers to youth workers, between April 2007 and March 2011.'

To think that these were only the reported ones and also the take place in schools and inflicted by professionals. These are places in which students should stay safe and also people children need to feel safe with and yet, they are abused in these places and by these people. Read More ./news/wales-news/2011/08/12/report-uncovers-shocking-failures-in-child-abuse-cases-in-pembrokeshire-schools-91466-29222227/#ixzz1no7VZ6N7

Now looking at a much more serious point in school violence and lack of safety, incidents that are much worse than most child abuse cases. School related Massacres, also known as School shootings. Many of them are known to happen in America because in this country fire arms are legal. However, in the UK it is less known for people to be shot.

Nevertheless, in March 1996 15 school students were killed and also one teacher. This is when a man walked into a PE hall and shot at a class, killing them all but one. But, here is what I find to be the most shocking part of this, the students that were killed were all at the age of five and six. Such small children, so innocent and killed in a place that they were meant to be safe. This man was never brought to justice because he committed suicide immediately after he attempted to shoot more children.

Here is where I will put forward the huge problem with the danger within schools. There are laws in place that mean that it is against the law to keep a child at home. So, parents send these children to school so that they are following the law. If these children are not sent to school then parents can be sent to prison for short times. Do you see it? These children MUST go to school. On the morning of 13 March 1996, the parents of those five year olds sent their children to their deaths because it was the law. Imagine, some of those children may have tried to stay at home that day simply because they did not want to go but they were forced to because it is the law.

I am not trying to say that a law is wrong but that it makes the violence and aguish in schools so much worse. This is a place that is supposed to benefit youths so that they will have education to help them later in life. Only, on very, very rare occasions they are sent to their deaths or are condemned to abuse. If students MUST go to school then the schools MUST be a suitable place for children.

Lucy Labrador