This is a remake of my story I realised it wasn't very good, so I changed her name and some other things. Please enjoy and review but be gentle with me :D

Eilidh xx


"What to wear today…what…to…wear…" Evie said to herself, standing in her underwear and staring into her well packed wardrobe.

"It's a new day at a new school so I think something to impress, don't you think Boo?"

She turned to the ball of orange, brown fur on her bed; the puppy raised its head and yapped at her.

"Thanks for the help," she said turning back to the wardrobe, she pulled out a short, navy chiffon dress with a brown belt, over-the-knee grey socks and pulled them on.

"Shoes….shoes…shoes," She peered at her many pairs of shoes and pulled out a pair of brown, suede lace up heels and pushed her small, porcelain, black painted toed feet into them.

She looked at herself in the mirror and grinned, Evie Grey was extremely beautiful and she knew it.

With long chocolate brown curls, pale skin, plump lips, rosy cheeks and wide blue eyes; she stood out in most places, especially back in England and she hoped this new school and new town would be one of those places. There was one thing about herself that she hated, a thin scar that ran along her jaw, one that she tried to hide as much as she could

She did a twirl, nodded in satisfaction, grabbed his bag and made her way down the huge staircase and into their new massive kitchen.

Her mum and dad were sat at the kitchen table not looking at each other; her mother looked up when she came in, "oh, Honey you look great!" Her mum smiled weakly.

Oh great, Evie thought to herself, they've had another fight, herparents always fought.

She shook her graceful head, curls bouncing as she did it's not my problem, she thought again.

"Do you want some breakfast?" Her mum asked.

"Uh, nope. I think I'm just going to head off for school," Evie said hastily.

She grabbed her keys, got out of the door and into her car as quickly as she could.

I pulled into the school parking lot and got out; I was met by a load of fixed stares. I grinned and made my way to the front entrance.

I strode up to the front desk where a plump red headed woman was sat filing her long painted fingernails.

"Name?" She asked without looking up.

"Evelyn Grey," I said.

The woman sorted through a pile of papers on her desk and handed me a schedule and map.

"Thanks," I said and walked through the office doors and into a hallway just as the bell went.

I looked at my timetable, I had English first with Mr Williams.

I loitered in the hallway to class wanting to make an entrance, when I finally got to class I was five minutes late.

I opened the door and let myself in; everyone was seated and staring at me, good just what I wanted.