One day I'll be fine,

All I need is for you to fix me;

Tighten the bolts on my heart,

So I don't spring a leak.

Patch me up to cover my scars.

Light a fire in me so deep,

That it won't burnout in the storm.

Wipe the tears and make them stop,

Before they short a circuit in my heart.

Scrub away that dirt that has clung to me,

And wipe away the dust and cobwebs,

That rest in the coils of my heart.

Give me the antidote,

So the poison won't cloud my mind any longer.

Make sparks flare in my eyes,

With just the simple sound of your voice.

'Cause I'm struggling to hold on,

All I do is hope to see you;

It's better hoping and dreaming and wishing.

Then knowing you might never come.

So I'll wait in the scrap yard,

With my tool box by my side,

Fixing myself here and there,

Until you find you way here.