I sat by the willow tree;

Hoping to fade away,

Just for a while.

I've heard all I can take.

It's all a game of nonsense,

That overflows my mind.

I can't help thinking,

Where it all fell down;

Like a childish game,

Of "Ring-a-ring-a-roses".

Except once you fall,

You can't get up again.

I've fallen down the rabbit hole,

Drifting through the lies,

That spread like wildfire through me.

I can't be the lie you want me to be.

You can't wrap me up,

You can't make things 'okay'.

This is the chapter,

I must leave you by the signpost,

I have to travel the road alone,

Because you don't know,

What endless thoughts,

Repeat themselves like a mantra,

And drive me into the darkness,

Hiding from it because I know,

And you'll realise it soon enough.

That the words they say inside my mind,

Are, oh so, painfully true.