AUTHOR NOTE: The characters are also from my story The Shadows. Xander looks like Cam Gigandet, Draven looks liek Ian Somerhalder, Leo looks like Shaun Sipos, Ares looks like Kellan Lutz and I have no one for Jade. This is taken from a episode in my story. Enjoy :)

She kept running through the dark forest praying that nothing was going to happen. She didnt want to end up like her brother, But she needed to find him the antidote. Aksinya was panicked and couldnt get ahold of Gabe or Carter. They were after her and she knew that she couldnt out run them all night long. It was a full moon in Cresent Bay which meant only one thing, The Hybrids were out to play.

The Hybrids are a combination of vampires and werewolves that are locals in Cresent Bay. Xander is the leader of the pack. He knew how to work his way into the group of vampires by taking one and one. They kidnapped the human Carah, Werewolf poison was running through Nikolai's veins and Aksinya was next. Draven was the second in command. He responded quick as a snake and was the one who bit Nik. Leo was next in line. He has a little boy quality to him but dont let that fool you. He was more comfortable as a wolf so when any moon would strike, You would find him running the forests. Ares is the most strong human wise. He stays in the back watching everything before acting. Even being a hybrid has made his strength stronger then ever. Jade was the only female in the pack. Short tempered and very self centered, Jade will strike with everything she has.

Werewolf blood is only way to reverse a werewolf poison...But there is a problem. The werewolves are now almost extinct. Some turn into vampires to live forever, Become stronger and kill the vampires. But some stay the same. When a hybrid, You turn every moon there is. As a werewolf, You have complete control of when you turn. Power or turning, It's their choice.

Aksinya looked pack seeing a black wolf stalking her quickly. His green eyes sparkled in the moonlight waiting to rip her apart. All she wanted was a cure. To ask if any of them kenw any wolves. Hybrid blood doesnt work because of them being half and half. She wasnt going to give up hope for her baby brother so she would keep fighting...Even if it meant she would die trying.

She stopped after hearing a howl comes from in front of her. The others she sensed were gone. Xander had her scent on him but he hasnt even changed yet. Knowing that a bite could kill her is bad enough, But Nikolai is slowly dying as she continues every minute of her life. The last two Drago family members left, She wasnt going to be the last one standing. Aksinya looked behind her gazing through the trees scanning out any wolves. Draven and Leo were the only ones that had transformed that she has seen so far but that doesnt mean the others havent. As she turns around, Xander grabs her tightly pulling her to his chest. He smirked as she struggled knowing her strength wasnt close to his.

"Sh...Stop fighting me, You're getting no where. Actually, Stop trying to out smart them"

His tone sounded like it had a underlying meaning to it. Where were Jade and Ares? Where could Leo and Draven run off to? They were going to kill her, She knew that fact. Carter and Gabe were probably off somewhere killing people not even realizing she is in trouble. That is until she's dead.

"Let me go! All I want is a cure for my brother, Your stupid rabid wolf bit him for no reason..."

He laughed. Aksinya thought she was tough, He was amused. Did she really think she was going to make it out alive?

"There was a reason. We kidnapped your stupid human Carah for ourselves. Her brother killed a pack member of ours a while back, Why dont we just return the favor? I mean...Come on now, What good was Nikolai anyway? Did he actually believe that everything was going to be okay with Maverick around?"

"You son of a bitch!"

She spun around as quick as possible and punched him right in the jaw. Xander was furious but tried not to show it. He turned his head after feeling the impact but his body did not move a single inch. His blue eyes had a gold tint to them knowing that the change was going to happen soon. Aksinya stood her ground. Her heart beat was going but she wasnt afraid. She couldnt help emotions anyway.

"Didn't affect me as you planned? Go ahead, Try again. Give me all you've got"

Her veins raged. She wanted to wipe the smirk off his face, Tear him from limb to limb, Drain his body completely. If she striked again, He could easily chage into a wolf and kill her right there. It didn't matter anymore, The only thing that mattered to her was saving her brother's life.
She ran at him with everything she's got. He stood there smiling, Oviously something else was going on. She was close to grabbing him, But a mysterious force grabbed her before she could reach him. Ares and Jade. So they haven't had the transformation yet. Draven or Leo...Or another mysterious wolf. They each grabbed onto one of her arms as Jade knocked her legs from underneath her. Aksinya landed onto her knees hard as they held her place. No way to help Nikolai now...

"Thank you Jade, Ares"

He nodded before continuing on.

"You say you want that little antidote, Right? Desperate for the werewolf blood that you will do anything? Hm...Give yourself over. You for Nikolai?"

"What? Give myself over? What's...What is that?

"Can't we just kill her Xander? Please"

"No...We are going to have a trade off. You let each of us mark you. You give yourself over from The Shadows and join us. In return, We will give you the blood you need and you can give it to him yourself. But you will return and stay at our side...So what do you say? Is it a deal? You for the blood?"

Aksinya felt helpless. She wanted to help her brother as much as she could. But giving herself over to a new group? She would be betraying Carter and Gabe by doing it, Even her brother. Was that really her only option for saving him?

"I...I cannot do that. Please, Just give me the blood and I promise that we will leave you all alone...I cant lose my brother. I'll be the last...Please"

It seemed that he was standing there thinking about it. Xander wanted her into the pack to toy with, Play with, Feed from, Get sex out of. All of them could and he wouldnt care, Just as long as she was in. Xander looked around for the others.

"Leo...Draven. Deal is off. Come out now..."

His words haunted her. They began to eat her up and she tried to best to break free. She vamped out. Her fangs glistening in the moonlight, Her golden red eyes were on fire and she threw her fists out at Jade and Ares. She saw the dark colored wolf approching which had to be Draven. Aksinya heard Leo growl from behind her and she knew that life was going to flash right before her eyes.

"Carter...Dont you think it's a little weird that Aksinya isn't here taking care of him? I mean, She sits in his room all day and night...Where is she?"

Carter scratched his head looking around. Their place to stay was an old factory and everything seemed like it was going slow. No blood, Nothing messed up, Everything was kept exactly the same.

"Well at least we know someone didnt come in here and take her. You know that there would be some evidence, She wouldnt go without a fight"

"Yeah but...I dont know, I mean I really dont get this"

Gabe tried to get her cell phone. No answer. Well she had to be doing something important if she isnt answering the phone. What was going on exactly?

"She wont answer...Maybe she found some blood or something?"

Carter flipped a table. He couldnt wait around for her, Not knowing where she is, What she's doing. Is she hurt or worse? They both stood in silence looking at eachother until they both heard a scream. They both take off in the same direction and slowly approches the woods. It was a full moon so they had to be aware of their surroundings.

"She's right there! Hurry up!"

Gabe was the first one that reached her. He lifted her head up and onto his leg praying she was alive. She had blood pouring out of her mouth, There were deep scratches all along her body, But no bitemarks? Why didnt they leave any bitemarks?