I sat on my bed and squeezed at the comforters. Bits of dirt and bread and old toys shifted around my hands. Across the room lays my newest toy. It had broken.

It was a beautiful doll, golden strands fell from the head, still shining through dirt and grime and flecks of red. The face and hands were once a lovely tanned shade, I remember. As it lay there, broken and unmoving, the pleasant hue had faded to an ashen gray. It happen to all my dolls, but this one had taken much longer than most to fade, and I would miss it.

Sighing deeply, I stood and walked to the doll. Once a doll broke, it would begin to smell and fall apart. It would take hours, but mother told me to get rid of the broken toys right away. I rapped my knuckles on the door and called for her. The dolls were bigger than me and I couldn't move them on my own. That was okay though, the ones my size weren't as pretty. Mother opened the door.

"So soon?" She asked, kneeling on the ground.

"It lasted longer than most do, mother." I replied, smiling up at her. "May I have a brown haired doll next time? They look best in red."

Mother stood and swatted away some of my other toys as they began to swarm the broken doll. She gripped the doll by the ankles and dragged it into the dark hallway. It's white dress bunched around it's hips.

Mother knelt in front of me. "For you, sweetie?" She kissed my forehead. "Anything."