The worst disease to ever hit mankind, that is what they say about it. It is known to most as the Green Plague. It is known as the Green Plague because the first victim to be reported to have this new virus was in Greenland. This plague is not known to be the worst for nothing.

It causes vomiting, coughing blood, vomiting blood, reddening of the eyes, and destruction of organs. This virus literally eats your organs. There is no known cure at this moment, and their probably never will be. I have accepted my death. The others should do the same.

I lie in bed at home because I know the hospital can't help me. They may be able to extend my life, but why would I want that? Why would I choose to suffer this any longer than necessary? It already claimed everyone I care for.

My family was taken by the plague. My wife was the first to go. I still remember her long brown hair gently blowing in the breeze on those warm summer days.

How her blue eyes were like a lake of crystal blue water. Then she got the Green Plague. We heard new on the TV but never took it too seriously. I will always regret that. I had to watch her hair turn grey and begin to recede. I saw the once beautiful blue eyes turn into a murky swamp. She was dying and we both knew it.

Shortly after her death my daughter became ill as well; my beautiful baby girl. Her sweet child laugh turned into gasps for air. Her once smooth skin turned hard like an alligator's. I watched the two people I love most in my life perish within two months. That almost completely destroyed my will to live.

But I did not catch the plague until three years later. In that time frame I watched civilization destroy each other. Riots and crime became the norm for the world. All across the globe wide spread panic erupted, which is never a good thing. People would beat each other to death over food and water. Stores shut down and the government's toppled all around the world. People revolted because so many people were dying at once, and no one was stopping it. The plague only put fuel on the fire for humanity to begin destroying ourselves.

The plague took many lives, but the lives our neighbors took were more. People killed more people than the plague. It caused the fear and allowed human nature to show our true colors. It allowed us to prove what many already knew. Violence is in our nature.

Now I have the plague and I do not care. I don't care that my black hair is falling or that my once strong body is weakening. It means nothing to me. It will never hurt more than losing my family. Or knowing that mankind will lead to its own destruction. I in fact can't wait to die. When I die I will be reunited with my loved ones. The only reason I have not killed myself is because I can't move.

I would much rather just kill myself than put up with a hospital or this damn plague. But I can't move very much so I will just have to wait it out. Not like it is usually a long wait. It usually kills you within ten days of contracting it. I can hear the TV talking about how the worlds ex-leaders have gotten together to try and come up with a plan.

How stupid are they? Do they expect that they can make all this chaos and panic go away even if they found a cure? If they found a cure that would only lead to more fights over who gets it first and when they get it. Trying to give the cure to almost every person on the planet is nearly impossible and we are already killing ourselves any way. Last time I checked there is no cure for mankind's nature. We can't just take a pill then have all the violence drain from my body. If was that easy then we would have done it a long time ago.

I can see fires raging just across the street from my house. I could see people running out of it with boxes in their hands. They robbed the place then burned it to the ground. Chances are the owner of that house was still inside to. And if they weren't in there they were either dead from the plague or homeless now. If you're homeless then you are as good as dead anyway since you have absolutely no protection from all the idiots out there just waiting to rob you of all you have.

I can hear people trying to break my door down now. I can't say that I'm surprised. I haven't been outside in six days now. People probably think I'm dead by now. People with bats break down the door and run into the room. I can see that one man is holding a pistol. They look at me and just freeze they know I'm still alive and they don't know whether to continue or not. Not surprisingly they do.

"You with the gun, can you do me a favor." I manage to croak out.

"What would that be?" He says turning to face me on the couch.

"If you have any heart left what so ever. Put one of those bullets in my brain and end this now." I plead. He just looks at me with pity filled eyes. He points the gun at my head and fires. I don't even hear or feel the bullet, but when I open my eyes I see two pairs of eyes one me. One pair is blue as a crystal lake. The other pair green as a meadow on a summer day.

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