Sand creeps through the little spaces between my toes. The small grains collapse over my toes, submerging them in bliss. This feeling makes me happy. Wind presses against my wavy hair, sending my curls back and behind me. Light hits my skin, and I smile thanking the warm rays of the sun. My pale skin burns easy, but I know I don't have sunblock. I know that I don't have anything with me.

The water is too far away, much too far away. I wish to sink my feet in the cool liquid. It's quite warm out.

"It's a perfect day," he says from behind me. I love it when he just shows up like this. It makes me feel whole.

"It is," I agree. I don't turn around to look at him.

"Do you know what we should do today?" he asks me. I tilt my head in wonder, but still don't turn to him. I let out a slow breath.

"What is it we should do today?" I give a sad smile noticing my fast beating heart.

"We should go for a swim," he answers happily. His voice is warm; so warm in fact that it makes me turn to him. At first, I am afraid. I think I'm making a mistake and I'm going to ruin everything. But no. He stands before me like he always does. His feathered brown hair ruffles slightly in the wind. His blue eyes shine in the setting sun. The white shirt he is wearing is pressing against his chest from the wind.

"But before that," he starts speaking, and I notice his hand hiding behind his back.

"What's first?" I ask with the smallest of smiles.

"A flower," he answers. His hand reveals a white flower. I do not know the name of the kind of flower, but I simply know that it's beautiful. Its white petals are fragile and soft. His free hand grabs one of mine. It's a soft touch, a fingertip caress, yet it slams my heart against my chest.

"What's the special occasion?" I ask as I twirl the stem in my free hand. The flower rotates and the petals spin.

"I haven't seen you in a while," he says sadly. His sky blue eyes glance down at our hands.

"I haven't been able to get out. It's getting harder to do," I reply with a shrug. He squeezes my hand and pulls me so I walk beside him.

"How have you been?" he asks me.

"I feel lost," I answer. He chuckles a little. I feel like falling to my knees, but I look up at his face and he is here. My eyes lock with his blue ones. We stare at each other, and I feel as if I could sink into his soul. And he has a wonderful soul.

"Don't teenagers always feel lost?" he responds with a smirk as he suddenly stops and looks out to the water. The water is still far away. For a moment, I panic.

"I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm not one. I just- but you know that, don't you?" I ask as my breathing grows panicked. A frozen look crosses his face. He glances at me confused, and then shakes his head as if he were a fool.

"Of course, I know that," he responds. I let out a relieved sigh.

"You always forget the simplest things," I say as I roll my eyes. He smiles sheepishly.

"What are you wearing?" his voice is amused and a smile hits his soft lips. I follow his eyes down to my wardrobe. I am wearing a long, plain, white gown.

"It's my night gown. I had to sneak out of my house to see you! I told my parents I had a headache, and I was going to bed early," I reply. He presses the thin material between his fingers.

"A little water on this gown will do you some good," he gave me a teasing smile. I shook my head at him and playfully smacked his arm. The water would make my white gown see-through.

We turn toward the beach. I take a few steps forward then stumble a little. I feel like I have just run into an invisible force field.

"Whoa, there!" he says as he reaches forward and steadies me. I laugh almost embarrassed at my clumsy nature. I right myself then hold my hand out. Again, it touches against some invisible force field.

"I can't get past this point," I tell him as I frown.

"Why is that?"

"I… I don't know," I answer. He holds his hand out, and it stops in midair too.

"Weird," he comments.

"Does it go all the way to the ground?" he asks suddenly. I grinned at him.

"Well, let's find out," I say. I get down on my knees. I move the gown out from under my knees so I can move better. I reach my hand out, and it's not stopped by anything. It is only a thin opening though, and I would have to flatten myself as much as possible. The invisible force field doesn't exist by the ground!

"It's free here!" I yell happily to him. His face lights up in an expression that makes my heart ache. His warm smile is so freeing.

A frown collapses on his face, and the smile fades from his lips. The smile on my face starts to falter as I watch his perplexed expression.

"They're coming," he tells me with a sorrowful bend to his eye brows.

"No, they're not," I say trying to get him to stay, but I know they are. He starts to slowly back away from me. I am still sitting on the sand since I was trying to get past the force field. He doesn't leave footprints in the sand as he retreats. The rays of sunlight dance across his miserable face. It almost seems like the sun is filtering through him.

"No!" I shout in dismay. Then it happens. The perfect crystal clear image of him, of the man I love, starts to disappear. He fades slowly, like a ghost leaving a body. The distress sends my body into shock. I scream in horror.

"No! No! No!" I yell. I pound my fist on the ground, only it isn't sand. It's mud. In dread, I glance at the area surrounding me. I am not kneeling on sand, I am kneeling in mud. My eyes flicker nervously around me. The white gown I am wearing is smeared with dirt. Anxiety racks my whole being. A hard hand locks on my upper arm.

"I need help!" The woman who has her hand locked onto my arm calls. I turn to her. She is wearing a plain white top and blue jeans. She has a name tag on her shoulder, but I'm panicking and I am unable to read it.

"Where did he go!" I scream at her as if she were the one to take him from me.

"Help!" she screams again and another rough hand latches onto my arm.

"Betty, stand up," the woman says me name in a strict tone. I try and shake them off. I need to go find him.

"Doctor White, Betty asked to come outside wanting fresh air for her headache. She-" The woman who is holding onto my arm gets cut off.

"Betty," the doctor says as he looks at me sternly.

"I don't know you! Where is he?" I shout and turn my head toward the water. Only there isn't any water; all only yellow dying grass stretches across the area around me. And in the invisible force fields place there is a chain link fence. My mind spins with confusion.

"Betty, I need you to listen to me. We talked about Alex, he doesn't exist, remember?" The doctor looks at me knowingly. His brown hair is graying, and his brown eyes look worn down and sad. I know that Alex exists. Water collects in my eyes. I know that Alex exists. I just know he does.

"Betty, he died two years ago," the doctor has the nerve to say.

"No! He didn't! I just saw him!" I protest. The doctor sighs. The hands on my arms start to tug me onto my feet. My curly hair falls in a mess around my face.

"Take her to her room, and give her the dose we discussed," the doctor whispers to the woman holding me. A much stronger man has my other arm.

"He didn't die!" I complain knowing that they have it all wrong.

"Betty, Alex drowned two years ago when you two were at the beach," doctor White answers and glances at me in a way he always does. I shook my head quickly denying what he is saying. My body shook in shock. Tears start to rapidly fall from my eyes.

"No!" I scream in objection. I pull against the people holding my arms. I have to go back. I need to talk with Alex again. One of my arms came free, and I slap the woman who has been holding my arm in the face. Her tanned skin turns red.

"She's becoming a danger, doctor. I'm sorry, but we're going to have to," the man on the other side of me says as the grip he has on me tightens. I drop onto my knees, refusing to walk any further away from where I had talked to Alex. Sobs rack my body.

It is only a mild pinch really, but my shoulders droop forward. My body slumps against the ground oblivious to the world around me.

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