A COwboy's Prayer

A cowboy's prayer means everything to him. It keeps him safe, and provides hope for another day. This is a story of one cowboy's prayer, and this prayer is believed to have saved his life on one tragic day.

It was February, in the year 1901. The annual round-up of the horses and cattle on the ranch was completed, and all the horses were in their pen, waiting.

Our cowboy, or better off, our stable boy was waiting and watching the ranch hands separate the horses out. Stallion went to one pen, and mare to another. The yearlings and new foals were pulled out to either be sold or broke. "Come on down son," one of the hands said. The boy jumped down, then walked over to the hand. "Boy, what's your name?" The boy looked up, "Me names Aleck, but most people just call me Justin." The rancher smiled. "So Alex, you ever rode a buckin' horse?" The hand threw his head. "It's Aleck, and no sir, I aint."

"Ok then, Aleck, here's what we're going to do. These horses are going back to the field, then where goin' over to the arena. I'm going to put you on the wildest horse we got, and boy, I sure hope you don't get hurt." The boy shrugged. "I've rode bulls, but never ponies." He mumbled as he opened the gate to the field.

The young man and the ranch hand had put the wildest pony that they had into the bucking Shute. "Well get on 'em." The boy got on; not knowing what would come of him, but right before he did he said a Cowboy's Prayer.

I just wanted to tell you Lord, how happy I have been

Since I received your gift and you took away my sin

Grant my desire to grow in grace and wisdom I pray

And help me be kind and patient in all I do and say

Mount up, take the reins and direct my ways oh Lord

And when this ride is done and that final river ford

Stay in the saddle up close; let me know I'm not alone

Till I see my loving father and know I'm finally home

The rancher didn't understand, why the boy said a prayer. To him, the boy was just delaying riding that horse, but to the boy, he believed that it could save his life, and that it too, had the power. This it did, and it saved his life all the same.

The boy got on the wild pony, hoping that he'd live through it. The rope was pulled, and they both went out into the field. He held on for his life, but couldn't keep his hold. He got bucked off shortly after. The rancher shook his head. "Get back on him, son. Aint going to do you any good to just leave him, he needs to be broke."

The boy had fallen under the horse, but it was no use. He had been knocked under the pony, and it had landed on his head. This had crushed his skull, but surprisingly, it hadn't killed him. The hand left him, but later that night the horse walked up to him. It blew into his nose, the proceeded to smell him. The boy began to wake up, and the first thing he saw was the horse.

The boy tried to get up, and slowly managed to. The horse stood there, as the boy grabbed it's mane to steady himself. The horse didn't move, but the young boy grabbed the rains which had become tangled in the horses bucking panic. "Easy now." He softly said to the horse. The horse didn't move, so he adjusted the old saddle on him.

He tried to jump up onto the horse. The boy didn't remember what happened, or that the horse had caused it. The horse stood there, listening to the boy. He tried jumping again, but the horse moved. The horses had taken a step back, and then lie down. The boy fell, but managed to land atop the horse. Not a moment after he had landed, had he passed out again. The horse didn't move, but stood up. The next time that the horse moved, the boy had woken up. He grabbed the reins, the told the horse to walk to the house.

The horse did as he was told, and walked slowly, as if he was trying not to hurt the boy. They got back to the house, and the dog (which normally stayed on the porch) started to bark. The ranch owner came out, to find the boy and horse.

The poor boy's head was covered in a deep red blanket of blood. The horse's side was also covered in blood. The ranch owner called for his wife, who took care of the boy. The rancher himself took the horse to the barn. He opened the door, turner on a light, and coaxed the horse into a stall. After un-saddling the horse, he wiped it down. He found, on the left side of the horse's withers, a deep cut. Stopping dead in his tracks, he went and looked at the saddle. Someone had put a razorblade through the side of it, just so that it would cut the horse but not be noticed.

He shook his head, knowing what happened. He took the horse to the larger stall, and poured alcohol onto the wound. He didn't jump much, but stayed still.

One Year Later:

The boy had survived his dilemma, because of a few simple words. That horse and he became great friends, and they continued to live together for years to come. The boy developed a bond so great with that horse, that he was able to sleep in the same stall on a few hay bales. They learned to live again, but neither one, boy nor horse, trusted a ranch hand again.