I watch as the roses you gave me die

It slowly starts to wilt as each day passes by

I remember how sweet you were to me

I became as happy as I possibly could be

Each day with you is full of smiles and hugs

Sometimes you even try to scare me with bugs

In the end you giggle and give me a kiss

You used so much passion, I was in bliss

Now the roses are dead

We have to separate for a while and move ahead

I crumble the pedals and let it fly in the wind

I wish for us to last forever as I grin

Everlasting love and beauty

You are the rose within my eternity

Though you are good to look at, you still have thorns

You are an angel with horns

Your anger can be a downfall

You let your emotion built up in a ball

But with certain nourishment it will bloom

It will grow and explode with a boom

But for now I watch our love grow

Our rose will be brilliant in our show