The whole of the tribe crowded around Cheyenne as she licked her newborn's ear with pride, ignoring the stares from the other foxes.

"That fox is not the right color." Katie sniffed turning up her nose.

"It's so... dark!" Willow commented.

"She doesn't look like the rest of the tribe.." Tangle shook his head.

"Oh, stop!" Cheyenne growled. "She's just as normal as you and I!" Cheyenne turned her head in disgust, the golden earring on her right ear sparkling in the lighting.

Tangle shifted uncomfortably. Cheyenne was his mate, and up until this point, she was the least normal fox in the tribe. She had been cared for by a traveling gypsy, was brought into custody, and was then realeased into the forest. But now there was a new outcast, Tangle's new pup. She was not a red fox like most of the clan, but black and grey. She was a silver fox.

The tribe's noble leader, Fallon, approached the mother. "Have you chosen a name yet?"

Cheyenne nodded. "I will call her Shaniqua, in honor of her beautiful coat and uniqueness."