"Bye mom!" I yell as I walk out the front door of my mom's house.

"Come on Issie!" my brother Jaxson yells from his car.

"I'm coming! Good jesus!" I yell at him. I climb into the car and pull my light blue and brown duffel bag into my lap.

The ride to school was quiet, like every other day. Listening to the radio talk shows that annoyed the hell out of me. Finally, Jaxson turns down the radio. "I have football today. Do you think you can find another way home or do you

want to wait?" God dammit I had to help set up for the dance, amazing. "Hello? Earth to Isabelle? ISABELLE FAYE JOHNSON!"

"What? Geez, cool your balls." I snap.

"Are you going to have a ride home today?"

"I can wait. I have to help with dance committee. I'll be out like 20 minutes before you're done." I say staring at my black converse and skinny jeans.

"Okay, didn't have to yell." Jaxson mumbles. He was a Junior this year, played varsity football, quarterback, and the 'it' guy for Everman High School.

"Jax, I only say it like because it's you and you're my big brother." He shrugs and pulls into the school parking lot. I throw open the door to the black BMW M3 an make my way across the parking lot towards Laura, my best friend, Melissa, my other best friend, and Kaleb, me and Melissa's long time crush.

"Hey," Laura smiles at me.

"Hey, I'm shocked."

"Why?" Melissa and Kaleb ask curiously.

"Normally the first thing I hear when I come up to you guys is 'Omg, have you seen blah-blah-blah or have you heard about yadda-yadda-yadda' " I laugh.

"Oh, well have you heard about the new kid? I heard he's hot." Laura says an amused smile on her face.

"No? We have a new kid?" I gasp. Everman almost never got a new kid and when we did they were never sophomores.

"Yes ma'am. Well we should go to class. isn't the nicest teacher ever and she always starts early." Melissa says tugging me towards our homeroom.

"According to her early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable." I say quoting our strict uptight english teacher.

"I think she'd be nicer if she had a boyfriend." Laura says and I nod in agreement. We barley make it and take our seat as she starts passing out papers.

"Alright class. Open you're textbooks to page 218 and begin on your assignment." she barks and we all grumble. "And just for that double tonight's homework assignment!"

I pull out the english text book and being to take notes and answer questions on the text. "Geez calm yourself." I mutter under my breath.

"What was that ?" she asks looming over me.

"Nothing, I was reading to myself." I say.

"Don't lie to me Isabelle."

"I'm not! I was reading to myself!"

"Do not raise your voice at me. 15 minute detention today after school!"

"Fine." I say and turn back to my assignment.

We work diligently for another 10 or so minutes before the door opens. In walks an office helper and a tall brown hair, blue eyed boy. They talk at the front for a few seconds before the office helper leaves. "Class," snaps, "This is our new student. What's you name?"

"Robert Kohane," he says.

"Bobert Kohane," she repeats and we all laugh.

"It's Robert." he corrects her.

"Of course it is. There's a seat next to Isabelle. Isabelle raise your hand." I lift my hand up and watch him slowly walk back and take a seat next to me. "Please tell him what we're doing and help him if he needs any."

"Okay." I say and turn towards him as he opens his textbook to the same page as mine. "Well, i honestly don't know why we're doing a text assignment on Heart of Darkness when we're reading Romeo and Juliet."

He chuckles and he flashes a bright white smile, "Teachers these days. Hi I'm Robert," His voice was deep but not too deep. It was perfect.

"Hey, my names Isabelle and I'll just let you figure out my nicknames. Well just take notes and answer the questions and thats it. but i should warn you we have double the homework tonight." I smile.

"Alright. I can do that." he says a smirk on his face. I nod and turn back to my work, his bright blue green eyes swimming around in my mind.

I finish the assignment as Ms. Jenkins announces our homework,"You are to read the next 3 chapters in Romeo and Juliet by tomorrow and I want a paper on William Shakespeare citing at least 3 of the plays he wrote, must be at least 1 page long and it must contain his life story. The paper is due next monday!" She says as we all scramble to write this down. The bell rings as I pick up my books, "Turn in your assignment on the way out!" she says and i place my paper on her desk. I follow my friends out of the classroom as they strike up a conversation. The topic of it, Robert Kohane.

"He's so cute!" a bunch of gils walking by us squeal.

I groan,"Girls, all they think about is boys. Whether its trying to get laid to how amazing the guy's butt looks in his jeans. I mean seriously, who looks at a guys butt." Laura and Melissa laugh.

"But he's not as cute as Kaleb," Melissa says.

"You're right. He's cuter." I say.

"So you like hims?" Laura bounces.

"I guess I do," I say as i spot him trying to open his locker. "I'll catch up with you guys later."

"All right bye Belle," they both shout down the hall as i walk away from them.

"Hey, need help?" I ask. He jumps slightly and turns around.

"A little," he admits sheepishly.

"Don't worry about it, these lockers are retarded." I say taking the paper from him and putting the combination in. I hit my small fist against the top of it and then open the locker door. "It just needs a small push to open." I say.

"Thanks." he smiles.

"Well, I better get going." I say.

"Alright. See you around Is." he says.

"I bet you will. Bye Robert." I say before walking away. I'm at my locker when i realized he called me 'Is'. He already had a nickname for me. I walk to Algebra and take my seat and start a small conversation with Nikole, my soccer buddy.

The bell rung and Algebra slowly dragged on. This class feels like a year, I'm going to die in here! Finally, the bell rang for 3rd hour, Home Ec. I put away all my books in the small cubby space in the kitchen area we called 'the Chef's Castle' or at least thats what Chef Lister called it, the rest of us referred to it as just simply the kitchen. Robert walked in and I fight my smile. He gives his slip to Chef Lister and takes a seat with Jonathan, Laura's boyfriend. "Class today we will be making something simple. Fruit Tarts! Grab the recipe books, study the recipe and add your own spin to it! Remember do NOT leave it in the oven to long or it will come out burnt and not soft and sweet."

We all head to the cook books and open it to the Fruit tart recipe. Lynda, my cooking partner, and I study the recipe quickly and go grab our ingredients after a brief discussion on what we need. Lynda prepares the floury dough used for the base and adds a thin layer of strawberry jam on top of it while i cut up peaches and arrange them in a pretty pinwheel shape. I also cut up smaller apricot slices and place them between the peach slices. We add a raspberry in the middle before popping it into the over. I glance over towards Jonathan and Robert and see them struggling to get their fruit in perfect slices or almost perfect slices. I watch in amusement and a few minuets later Jonathan approaches me. "Isa? Belle. Will you help us?"

"Mmm, maybe." I say.

"Please Belly? Not for me but for Laura?" he begs.

"Fine," I groan hoping off of my stool. I walk over towards their table and see uneven peach slice after uneven peach slice. "Whoa y'all like massacred peaches over here."

Robert gives me a lopsided grin,"Sorry but we don't have skill with a knife."

"Unlike Isabelle, she's the fruit ninja." Jonathan jokes.

"Am not! I practice that's all. Something you should try Jonathan." I say

"Belly, do you really think you should insult me, I can help you with things." he says moving his eyes in Roberts direction.

" One, don't call me 'Belly' and two do you really think you should blackmail me? I have connections too Jonathan, for example my best friend Laura. You know, your girlfriend?" I say slicing the fruit with ease.

"Fine, fine. But do me a favor and tell Laura I have to stay back from basketball."

"Why can't you tell her?" I interrogate him.

"I have to leave at 10:30 for our game at Legacy." he says.

"Oh, yeah." I say," do you play sports Robert?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah baseball, track and football." He smiles.

"Football's over unless you wanna wait for spring workout. But baseball starts today and track starts next week." I smile.

"Thanks Belle." He smiles.

"Ms. Johnson, back to you station please." chef Lister says and i head back to me station where Lynda is pulling out tarts out of the oven. We add a mint leaf for looks, drizzle raspberry sauce on them, an give one to Chef Lister. She nods approvingly. "Well done ladies. You girls may eat the rest of the tarts now."

Lynda and I walk back to our station and take a bite out of a tart we split in to two. Leroy walks over and grabs a tart. "Sup' babe." he greets me and I sneer.

"Go away Leroy." I say as Chef Lister leaves the room to go get more supplies.

"Nah, I'm good. So are you gonna stay and watch me practice today?" he asks tilting my chin up with his index finger.

"Nah, I'm good. So are you gonna go away anytime today?" I retort.

"I don't think so babe. So why don't you and I go play a little game in the janitor's closet?"

"What are you five? No," i say standing up and moving away from him.

"I don't take no for an answer." he says grabbing my wrist and spinning me around.

"Well too bad! Leave me alone Leroy!" I yell.

"I told you, I don't take no for an answer. Now make this simple and easy and say yes. Before I go to your brother!"

"Jaxson wouldn't do that to me!" I snap in his face.

"Say yes already dammit!"

"She said let her go." Robert says putting a protective hand on my arm. His eyes are deadly but still hypnotizing.

Leroy reluctantly lets go of my wrist and Robert steps in between us. "Don't think Jaxson won't hear about this Isabelle."

"Oh, trust me. I'll make sure he does." I hiss stepping around Robert.

"Isabelle," he says a hand on my shoulder, ready to pull me back.

"I'll be fine, Leroy doesn't have the guts to tell my brother."

Leroy grabs my wrist and just as fast Robert pulls me back against his chest with both arms wrapped around me. "I will tell Jaxson, you will say yes to me, and Jaxson will have a talk with Robert."

"I'd Like to see that." I sneer and Leroy stalks off. "You can let me go now." I blush.

"Oh,right. Sorry." He says before releasing me.

"It's okay. Sorry for getting you involved in that." I apologize as the crowd forming dispersed.

"It's alright. I put myself in it, but only to protect an innocent young lady who should give me her number."

"I'm not innocent. Trust me, and I think you can ask your buddy Jonathan for that." I say as Jonathan joins us.

"Ask me for what?" Jonathan asks.

"My number." I say before turing around to finish off my tarts and clean up my mess. I heard them discussing me and roll my eyes as the bel rings. I grab my things and file out as Robert catches up to me.

"Hey, what's your next period?" he asks.

"Lunch then 4th period French," I laugh.

"Oh so we have lunch next period?" he asks.

"Kinda, yeah if you count lunch as a class period." I respond.

"So can you manage to not get yourself into trouble?" he asks.

"I'm fairly capable of that." I say, "I have to go to my locker to put my things away. Catch you later."

"Alright, I'll see you later. Be a good girl," he joked.

"Maybe," I call over my shoulder. and he laughs. I walk to my locker and put my stuff away before going back to the cafeteria.

"Hey, Issie. I hear you're getting in trouble again." Jaxson says joining me.

"Jax, if Leroy would leave me alone we'd be fine."

"And that new kid, Robert Kohane?" he asks me.

"He was just protecting me."

"Do I need to talk to this kid?"

"No, why are you asking me questions? Where's Haley?" I ask

"Because you're you and you're my baby sister. She's with her family. Her MeMaw passed away last night." he says.

"Well then you don't need to worry." I say.

"Uh-hu. I need to talk to this kid."

"Uh no, you don't." I say walking into the cafeteria and buying myself a burger and can of lemonade. I sit down with y friends and they all stare at me like I'm an alien. "What?" I ask taking a sip of my lemonade.

"You, Robert, Home Ec. Dating?" Kaleb asks.

"No, or at least i don't think so." I shrug.

"Well, he's about to be interrogated by Jaxson and the Jockos." Melissa says.

"Seriously? Can't I at least eat before they hurt someone?" I groan and take a bite out of my burger.

"Uhh, if you're gonna help him you might wanna eat fast. Leroy is with them." Laura says standing.

I sigh, "I'm never gonna get to eat lunch ever again. Am I?" I take a long swig of lemonade and rise to move across the cafeteria. Laura and I make our way across the lunch room and sit down with Robert, Jonathan and a few of the other guys from the basketball team. A few minutes later Jaxson stands behind me and clears his throat. "What Jaxson?" I ask annoyed at my brother.

"Isabelle, do not get involved." he snaps at me.

"Why?" I ask standing and squaring off with my brother, even though he was a whole head taller than me and clearly a lot bigger than me.

"It's guy business." Leroy snaps and Jaxson sends him a death glare. Robert is standing now with Jonathan behind him and Laura clinging to Jonathan's army.

"This is family business." I snap at Leroy. " I told you to leave him alone." I hiss at my brother.

"Issie, we will discuss this at home." Jaxson says gently nudging me aside.

"Jaxons. If you do this I swear to God i'll hate you forever."

"How far would you go?"he asks narrowing his eyes.

"I would move in with dad and Giselle or Aunty Monica and Uncle Daniel." I say causally and watch his expression as he fumes.

"Are you gonna let her do that man?" Leroy asks.

"Shut up! It's family business. I'm not looking out for you Leroy. I'm looking out for my baby sister." Jaxson says before turning to Robert. "Hurt my sister and I'll break your face."

To be continued…