After a few days of trying to adjust to my new no school schedule I make very little progress. I wake up as my alarm goes off, I glance at the digital clock. 5:30, why the hell was I awake? It takes me a while to realize that I was Las Vegas bound in just a few hours, not school. I get up and get dressed before grabbing my suitcase and setting it by the stairs. I brush my hair, teeth, and do my make up before eating a light breakfast. Martina wasn't going to be in Nevada until this afternoon along with Jaxson and Haley. I grab my bags and follow Jaxson out to his BMW. He puts my bags in the trunk as we drive to the airport. I yawn as he leaves the drive way. We pass Robert's house and I'm tempted to call him. Today, during interviews, I would make my announcement. "Have fun alright, Issie?" Jaxson says and I groan.

"Fine, you're going to be there for my floor right?" I ask excited. My floor routine was going to be amazing.

"Of course." He grins and I smile before taking my bags and going into the airport. Zander meets me at the door and hands me my ticket.

"Okay, ready?" Zander asks me.

"Yeah, where is Nicolette? Or Sonya?" I ask.

"Inside, now. Where is Jessie?" He groans. I shrug and go inside, Sonya and Nicolette attack me.


"Is Robert coming?" Sonya bounces.

"Yes and yes." I grin.

"So, wanna share some details about your new floor routine?" Nicolette asks and I shake my head.

"You'll just have to wait and see." I grin. I wait for Zander to come in and eventually he does. "Hey Jess." I smile at Jessie. She was my best friend since diapers, we'd started gymnastics together and we'd both made it this far. We link hands and walk through the gates. I send Robert a text before Zander hands us each an energy bar.

Isabelle: Hey, I'm boarding my plane. I know you're not awake yet, so I couldn't say bye in person. See you tomorrow?

I sigh and set my iphone back in my lap. I nibble on the bar as we wait to board the plane. My phone vibrates and I jump a little.

Robert: I'd wake up just to reply to you(: Bye, Lil' Lady. See you tomorrow. School really boring without you.

Isabelle:Aw. Cute. I love being home schooled. It's so hard to wake up earlier in the morning for gym though. Can't wait to see you.

Robert: Adorable. McKinley says hi. See you tomorrow, alright? Love you.

Isabelle: HI MCKINLEY! Alright. Love you more(: Gotta go. About to board the plane.

They call for first class and we all rise to get in line. They check our tickets and let us board. I sit down beside Jessie and across the aisle from Sonya and Nicolette. Zander sits behind us as we settle in. I fall asleep again until we land in Vegas.

Robert was in school and so was everyone else. We head to our hotel after changing into fancier than average clothes. We answer a few questions and the one question everyone asks is the very one the haunts me. "What happened when you fell at The Cover Girl Invitational?"

I gulp and Zander puts a supportive hand on my shoulder, "Go ahead." He smiles assuringly.

"Well?" All of them ask.

I lick my lips, "I'm anorexic. And that doesn't mean I'm weak. My disease is making me stronger everyday. Low score me if you want but I'm not here to cry over scores, I'm here to blow minds. Anorexics aren't weak, we just get carried away trying to be the best. It's pressure and I guess you have to actually go through it to understand where I'm coming from. I'm sure I speak for a ton of gymnasts and athletes out there when I say that. I'm here to prove that just because I'm anorexic doesn't mean I'm not serious competition."

"Good job." Zander smiles before ushering me inside. I finally breath when I walk through the doors.

"I feel like i just ran a marathon." I say patting my face.

"You did amazing. Go get some rest. We leave to practice again at 4:30. You're floor is perfect. No need to practice that. I want to work on your vault and beam." he says before letting me go. I head up to the suite with the girls and crash on the bed.

"So damn tired." I yawn before falling asleep. They wake me up at 10:40 to eat lunch and I frown, everyone was still in school. After lunch we go shopping and then down to Jean-Philippe Patisserie. He hands each of us a flower made of sugar and i stare at it. "I'm torn. I want to eat it but I don't. Its so pretty!"

"It's meant to be eaten though." he smiles and I take a bite of it. I moan with delight.

"That is heaven in my mouth!" I exclaim and the other girls agree with me. We pay and thank him before going up to our suite. As we leave Zander passes us and heads into the bakery.

"What do you think he's doing?"Sonya asks me and I shrug.

"Maybe he has a girlfriend here!" Jessie exclaims and we all shake our heads.

"Zander likes Sunny." Nicolette reminds her.

"True," she admits and we all look back at the restaurant puzzled.

"Come on ladies. Let Zander do what Zander does. We have medals to win." I smile.

"Fine." they say as we head up to our rooms. I take the braided cloth necklace I had bought for Robert out and smile. I plop down on the bed and glance at the time. 3:10, he was out of school by now. I grab my phone and call him.

"Hello?" he answers.

"Hi handsome." I smile.

"Isabelle! I miss you, It's crazy. So me, Aunt Alex and McKinley are about to leave for Nevada. See you in a few hours?"

"Of course!" I exclaim before sighing. "I miss you so much. When do you not have school again?" I ask pouting.

"A few weeks." He says and I can hear the frown in his voice, "There's another teacher work day."

"A few weeks! That's forever away!" I squeak.

"I know babe. I'll see you tonight, okay?"

"Kay, bye honey." I say.

"Bye, Love you."

"Love you more." I smile as he hangs up. I change into my leotard before sipping on water. We end up talking for awhile before Zander comes up to get us.

We head down to a practice gym and I practice everything but floor. Zander didn't want me to give away any of my routine. It was National, every gymnast for themselves this time. Zander pulls me aside. "This time stand for yourself, but not every time." He tells me.

It's around 7 when we get back to the hotel and I collapse onto the bed I shared with Jessie. Someone knocks at the door and I groan. "Jessie! Door!" She groans and gets up to open the door.

"Hey, Is. Come hither." She calls.

"Why? I'm tired." I groan rolling over.

"Someones here to see you." She smiles as I get up.

"I am butt tired. Can't they wait?" I groan as I walk to the door. Jessie scampers off as I open the door. "Robert!" I throw my arms around his neck and he laughs.

"Hey babe." He smiles holding a bouquet of flowers out to me.

"Aw, hun. You are to sweet!" I exclaim. "Did you just get here?"

"Yeah, and I have a small headache but I thought I'd come here first." He grins holding me in his arms. I smile and bury my face into his muscular chest. He swings me around and I giggle, "I've missed holding you so much." He murmurs pushing my hair out of my face.

"I've missed you all together." I murmur and jump back as Zander comes out of his room. "I don't really know you but thanks for the flowers. They're nice. Would you like a autograph?" I ask watching Zander and he passes. I release my breath and Robert looks at me weird. I glance down the hallway and watch as the elevator door closes. I pull him close and kiss him passionately. "I love you." I smile.

He presses my small body against his. "I love you more Is." I smile slightly as he leans down to look me in the eye. "I still plan on marrying you."

"We'll see." I smile and he rolls his eyes.

"Go get some rest. You've got to compete tomorrow."

"For National Title, I plan on keeping my title." I smile.

He kisses me briefly. "Good night."

"Night, I'll see you tomorrow?"

"You sure will." He grins and I head inside.

"OMG! You're too cute!" Jessie squeals and I laugh.

"He's too cute." I correct putting my flowers on the table. "Now, off to bed."

Hey guys, it's been a long while. I made this a little long. Gonna end it soon, hope you guys enjoy it and please don't hate me. Don't forget to read any of my other stories!