Author's Note

I am so terribly sorry for this super long delay, it's not a chapter but I do have some of the chapter written.

If you must know my excuse right now, everyone is going through one hell of a tough time at my school and in my neighborhood and community.

Yesterday, 3 students lost their mother. Today, we lost a beloved friend to suicide.

And I quite frankly can't write anything when all I'm doing is crying my eyes out. But I promise the next chapter will be up sometime during my spring break.

RIP Hassan, only the good die young. I miss you and so does your family, especially your mom. I've never heard or seen anyone so brokenhearted. You will be remembered as a good and loving friend.

RIP Jennifer, you left behind three kids, a 5th grader, an 8th grader and a junior who miss you dearly. You will always be one of my favorite substitutes.

Gone but never forgotten.