It walks easily through the night, unnoticed by most.

Like wind beneath the rain, It is silenced by the thunder.

The clock ticks at a measured pace and gaunt becomes the host.

It will be known without dispute as man's largest blunder.

A plague sweeps the nation but no vaccine's created.

Scientists are ridiculed. They are weak and pathetic.

Every fool will ignore truth until their desire's sated.

This wretched abomination is nothing but synthetic.

The blood soon floods the gutters but none take heed.

They walk, heads high so they don't have to look.

In this stagnant land of followers, will one take lead?

Or will this world become a burnt History book?

It watches, It laughs. It's winning the game.

Who has the wit to negate a thought?

Dust to dust, our world will be just the same.

Unless one might conquer that which I cannot.

Unseen by most, too clear to some,

It has ensured It's survival by fooling the masses.

Let the world fornicate and soak up its rum.

Leave it to them if they wish to be asses.

Cowards have no place in a world so divine,

Let them hide from It and run from all fear.

Where cowards might miss the bent road sign,

Those who follow the path may reach a new tier.

Become the bully and channel your pain.

Become the lawyer and profit from lies.

Wear a mask of paint, be trivial, be vain.

But know that one day you'll meet your demise.

You may think yourself safe. The plague is a myth.

There's no way that you would ever get ill.

Though you might be agile, strong or lithe,

It will be oh so sure to have its fill.

It'll head for the many when It's done with the few.

Myth will magically turn into stark fact.

There will be no one left alive to defend you

They are now dead who you should have backed.