A/N: So, it's been a while. This is just something I wrote, reflecting my mother's take on my relationship.

"You're both so young."

"But we're in love," I say.

"You live miles away from each other."

"But we're in love," I say.

"You're homosexuals."

"But we're in love," I say.

And why must you judge me? Why must you tear me down? Why must you always assume the worst, that it's not going to work, that I'm going to get my heart broken, that an unhappy ending is practically inevitable? You found love in your husband, my father, why isn't it possible for me to find love as well?

"I want grandchildren."

"You can have them," I say.

I don't love a man, but children are still a possibility. But you just want me to have a nice heterosexual marriage, you can't stand the fact that I'm in love with a girl, and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

"I just don't want to see you get your heart broken."

"I doubt that's going to happen," I say.

I know I can't guarantee anything, but can't you see how we're trying to make this work? Can't you see how much she loves me and cares for me? Why don't you trust her? I've had my heart broken once already, but you'd still rather I be with him, wouldn't you?

"It's your first relationship."

"But we're in love."

Since when does the number of relationships matter? Since when do I need to date around before I can truly fall in love? I don't want to get hurt numerous times before I find the one...I just want the one.


I understand that life is hard, life isn't a fairy-tale, life is life. I understand that love can hurt, and I know that it can end badly (with all the literature written about famous tragic loves, how can you think anything else?) But I don't understand how you can tell me you want me to be happy, but try to talk me down from my first relationship because you believe it's not real. It's just as real as any other relationship. We have our trials, our disputes, our bad days, but we get past them. We are trying so hard to make this work, how can you not see that? I've told you that we've planned a future together, but I can see you're not listening. Of all the support I've got, I thought a little bit of it would come from you. Why can't you just allow me my happy ending?