Faith's Companion

Butterfly Meadow


A She-dog and her pups pelted through the dark and rainy courtyard of the pound. Pleading and screaming for mercy, or someone to save them. A German Sheppard was right on one of her pup's heels, he snatched it, and killed it with a swift crunch to the spine. He left the lifeless body of the pup and went to finish off the family. The German Sheppard leaped, and pinned down the she-dog. "No, please!" She begged. The German Sheppard leaned in. " I show no mercy." His voice was harsh, and cold. He tightly plugged up the she-dog's nostrils with his paws, and waited for her to stop breathing before he walked away. Lightning flashed before his double murder, leaving one pup left, it would eventually starve on its own.

Chapter 1~

In a small town of Wisconsin, there was a pound. The largest pound in the world. The dogs, however, treated it as a town. They called it, Marcyville. Marcyville was named after the bravest dog that ever lived. She gave her life to find a lost pup that supposedly crawled through the fence, as the people call it, or city limits. Unfortunately, she never returned. In the center of the courtyard, there was a statuette. Or as the people call it, a clay sculpture a child made.

In front of Marcy's statue stood three she-dogs. A Pug, Husky, and Beagle. The Pug turned away from Marcy's statue and spoke to the Husky next to her. "Kay, do you ever wonder what it's like beyond the city limits? Kay returned the Pug's glance. "No, Lila. You know that Marcy never came back for one reason and one reason only. The wild is dangerous." The Beagle poked her head out from the other side of the statuette. "I heard, that Marcy gave up looking for the pup not long after she started. The long wait was her trying to go to this paradise. Some tropical island and she just died and the way." Kay rolled her eyes at the Beagle. "And where did you hear that from, Naiyu?"

"One of the seniors."

"Which one?"

"I think it was Bucky."

Kay sighed. "I'm going to get some chow and then I'm going to ask him." Kay padded off, shaking her head.

Lila shrugged at Naiyu, and then they both went their separate ways.

Lila was frolicking in a meadow. Chasing after a butterfly, which landed on the branch of a fir tree. The branch wasn't very high, so Lila batted at it with her paw. The next minute thousands and thousands of more butterflies buzzed past her, making her ears stand up. Lila giggled and pranced in her shower of butterflies. One landed on her nose and spoke to her. "Lila.. Wake up.." Lila started at the talking insect. "Whuh,, What..?" She stammered. Then the butterfly spoke again. "WAKE. UP!"

Lila woke up and nearly jumped out of her grass bed. The people who wandered Marcyville couldn't provide them real beds, so whenever someone mowed the campus, the shaped the grass into beds more comfortable than any "real" beds. Lila looked throw the metal in the sides of her cage. Then saw Naiyu staring at her. Lila groaned, and leaned her head against the back of the cage while looking up. I was having the best dream EVER!" Naiyu rolled her eyes. "Pppft." She squeaked. She then started fiddling with her pup Toy; a rhinestone-studded, blue chew bone. Each time a new pup was born, the people gave him or her their own unique toy that would be cherished until they die.

Naiyu NEVER let ANYONE touch her Rhinestone bone. If you even went near it, you certainly know you NEVER would again.

Lila looked down at her own Pup Toy. A rubber butterfly, and in the end of the body, or the butterfly's thorax, was a hollow opening, so if you carry it and blow in, it will fly a distance if you let go in time. Lila understood how Naiyu felt. What if she let someone borrow it for a while and they destroyed her precious toy that could never come back? Lila shivered at the thought. Breaking from her thoughts, Lila spoke again. "So what did you wake me for?"

"Kay has this message for you:"



Lila stared paranoid at Naiyu for a long time. Kay was on Lila's other side, which means Naiyu and Kay must have been breathing in her ears while she tried to enjoy her dream. Not that she really cared. "Sorr-y." Naiyu said insincerely. "Apology accep-ted." Lila replied back.

Just then, a human came and unlatched Naiyu's door. Then Lila's, and Kay's. Kay stepped out for a second, stretched. Nudged her Pup Toy good-bye, and closed her door before the human could. Kay's Pup Toy was an alien plushy that was green, red eyes and uniform, black cape, and purple gem on her head. Kay named her plushy after herself. Or to make it easier when other referred to the toy, Princess Kay.

The she-dogs walked out to the courtyard. Jazley, a female boxer, mayor of Marcyville, sounded. "Citizens of Marcyville, gather here at town square for this important meeting!" The dogs begin to close in on the stump Jazley sat on. "Behold! Mona and her son, Shawnton's death!" Jazley pointed a paw in the direction of two bodies in the center of the clearing. Two pugs, a mother, and her pup. The crowd of dogs gasped. "Where's Monty?" Piped a Chow chow. Jazley quickly turned to the Chow chow, then pointed her paw somewhere else in the clearing, at a skinny, limp little body." The dogs took a brief look then whispered among themselves. "Who could have done this?" A she-dog wailed. "Mona was such a kind dog.." Another she-dog added. "They were only pups.." A male poodle sounded. But one voice rose above all the others. "Mona had a twisted paw, she was WEAK. Her pups would grow to be WEAK. She HAD to go." A German Sheppard said, trying to brain wash the dogs. Even louder gasps sounded. Jazley started at the German Sheppard. "Stat your name." She ordered.


"Slasher, why do you say this about Mona?"

"I've observed her very carefully." Jazley narrowed her eyes at Slasher. "One and two dogs know about that until now," "And those was her parents. Which are DEAD." Jazley growled. The only other is if, say, you KILLED her!" Jazley pressed. More gasps spread threw the crowd.

Slasher only flinched, but did not move. Jazley leaped up. "Admit it! Admit you, you, MURDERER!" By now, dogs were starting to cry.

Slasher finally spoke. "Yes, I killed Mona, Shawnton, and Monty. Your next. Your ALL next!" He slinked off into the shadows. Dogs were stunned.. All except Naiyu, Lila, and Kay. Who just signaled the people, they just wanted to go to bed.

Naiyu was walking by the ocean shore, feeling sprays of mist wash over her. Feeling the salt cling to her fur was nice. She took a deep breath, and charged in. Then right out, shivering. She hopped along the shore, looking for something to do. She picked some seaweed up in her mouth, seeing what it could do. All of a sudden it squeaked, Naiyu's eyes widened. She stared at it.

Naiyu woke up. She looked down. She had been sleep chewing on her Rhinestone bone. Then, the people came to open the cages. Lila and Kay padded over. "Coming?" Kay asked. Naiyu looked at the toy that had interrupted her dream. "Naw." She said, Curling back up. Naiyu tried to catch the dream again, but she just couldn't. Eventually, Naiyu just went into a different dream, not as exciting, though.

Kay was sliding on ice, looking down at fish, just, sitting there. "Whee!" she squeaked. She came to a screeching stop, ice getting under her nails. She tried to use her teeth to get it out, but it was no use. 'There must be some way.' Kay thought. All of a sudden, Kay spotted a St Bernard wandering about on the ice. "Probably looking out for danger," She guessed. "Maybe he knows good ways to get ice out of your claws."

Kay broke into a sprint in the direction of the St Bernard, She skidded to another halt, adding more ice under her claws. She tried to stop cringing before she spoke to the dog. "Hi," Kay started. "You wouldn't happen to know how to get ice out of under a dog's claws, would you?"

The St Bernard turned to her, "There's several ways to do that, young one," The St Bernard said in his low, soothing voice. "The best way, however, is to CLING CLANG!" Kay's ears flew back. 'Dogs don't make those noises, do they?' "Pardon me?" Kay asked politely. The St Bernard licked his lips, that Kay hadn't realized were chapped until then. Then he started again. "I said, CLING CLANG!" Kay woke with a start. She looked around her, and saw that a human was letting Lila and Naiyu out of their cages. Naiyu nodded her head in the direction to town square. They started out, seeing the dogs had already gathered below Jazley's stump. The three dogs looked near the stump, and saw the body of Bucky, an old terrier; Then ducked back in. Lila and Kay were both speechless, but not Naiyu. "I was already considering this after Slasher's last murder…" Lily and Kay turned and spoke at the same time. "Whatta mean?" "I mean," Naiyu started, puffing out her chest. "That we can't stay here much longer." "WHAT?" Lila yapped so loud Naiyu put her paw on Lila's muzzle. She didn't want the crowd of dogs hearing what she had to say. " I think I know where Marcy was headed.. I had a dream.. At this beautiful ocean shore. And-" Lila cut Naiyu off. "Wow! I had a dream too! In this most lovely meadow with thousands and thousands of butterflies!" Naiyu raised her eyebrow and Kay just gapped in awe at the two dogs. "I had a dream, too," Kay said. "Except it was all snowy." Naiyu had a bold look in her eyes now. She slammed her paw hard on the ground. "That's it! Marcy has sent us a sign! We must venture threw these three lands. But to make referring to these lands easier, we must name them." Naiyu's eyes were blazing with pride after her mouthful of barking. Lila started jumping up and down. "Butterfly meadow!" Naiyu turned to Kay. "Claw Tundra." Kay looked at them both. "Mist Shore. And now, Lila, when did you have your dream?

" The day before yesterday."

"Good, good. Now, you, Kay?"


"And mine was yesterday." "We better set out before it gets dark."

Lila looked at Naiyu in surprise. Now?"

Naiyu rolled her eyes. "Yes, now. Go gather your things." Naiyu already had her Rhinestone bone with her. Lila and Kay darted back to get Princess Kay and the Rubber butterfly.

Kay beckoned to Naiyu and Lila with her head. They entered a room filled with what looked like supplies. On a low coat rack, Kay pulled down three blue fanny packs. "Don't think we won't need supplies." she said. The she-dogs each dragged one to the side and put their toy in it. Lila sprang up on a shelf, then disappeared inside. They next thing Kay and Naiyu saw where two medium and one small vests being pushed off the shelf. They were orange, yellow, and white. They looked like the ones the dogs would were when the people would take them on morning walks. They reflected. Lila jumped down. Naiyu grabbed three pairs of booties and winter coats. Kay grabbed doggie life jackets and hats, too. Lila gathered food off the floor and some horsetail. Then she disappeared from the room and came back with three buttercups. Naiyu and Kay's eyes widened. "Lila..?" Kay started. "You know those are poisonous, right?" Lily had a serious expression on her face. "Just in case."

The she-dogs crammed their ration of food, some wet moss they collected, a buttercup, and all the other clothes except some hiking boots they found, the hats, and their reflective coats into the fanny packs. The she-dogs helped each other into their coats and zipped the backs up for each other. For the hiking boots, it took two dogs to tie them. Each dog took a string in her mouth. It also took to dogs to snap the buckle of a pack together. The pushed the hats against a walks so they could burrow their heads in. Then at the last minute, Kay tossed collars with whistles on them, incase they got lost. The dogs put them on and followed Naiyu outside. Naiyu led Kay and Lila to the fence where there was a hole, nearly finished. Naiyu dug another foot then slipped threw. Kay went next and Lila last. Lila kicked dirt and leaves over the hole. Kay and Naiyu beckoned Lila to take the lead. Lila headed for the path with the least number of trees, with Kay and Naiyu behind her.

After what seemed like hours, the she-dogs were tired. Kay was hungry, but she knew she should save her food for later. She and Naiyu were watching their feet as they walked. Then, Lila saw something in the distance. Lila squinted. Then her eyes lit up and she gave a little excited bounce. She yelped and started hopping towards the object. They looked up with curiosity, and bounded after Lila. Then, they too, realized what it was. An abandoned barn.

It seemed like forever to reach the barn, but when they got there, the she-dogs immediately picked up some mowed grass and carried it inside and made nests. Then, they slept.

The end