Carla's crimson petals were surrounding us; they weren't just normal petals, they were blade-like that could split people in half. Lizi stayed close to me, her enhanced strength is a power I depend on a lot. I started walking faster than usual. There were two dark figures approaching our way. We made it into the other sidewalk to avoid them. I glance at them and looked away. I couldn't see their faces.

"Adeline," Carla got a hold of my coat. I don't know what they were after or if they're just messing around, but I was mentally getting ready for a fight, serious or not. The two figures stopped walking; one disappeared in an instant while the other one revealed a sword.

Carla's petals surrounded me, encircling around Lizi and herself. When someone hurts a spirit, it is not them that feel the physical pain, it is me.

A person with a demonic mask appeared in front of me. He got a hold of me before I could leap back. Lizi grasped his wrist and twisted it. He groaned in pain and retrieved with his partner.

Carla's petals made a close-tight shield around me and the rest of her petals started attacking sword wielder.

The other person appeared in front of me, his demonic mask soon turned into the face I did not wish to see. Is he back? Is it really him? It was that familiar face I wish I could erase from my memories.

"Focus!" Carla cried as her petals started slicing his body bit to bits until he disappeared again.

I lost concentration, which never happened before; but I needed to know if it was him or not. I felt helpless, I couldn't think properly. I felt as if I was back in that dark place, all alone. I felt the sadness of not being able to save Hollis drowning me. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain going through my stomach. Carla's petals managed to injure another guy holding a grim-reaper like weapon. The petals cut deep into his skin and blood started oozing out. Lizi, quick on her feet, held off the other two.

The grim-reaper screamed in pain and I regrouped with my spirits I could feel my spiritual power decreasing. I had to put an end to this.

I have studied grim-reaper like powers. They cut your spiritual energy in half for a temporary time once their weapon 'slices' you, slowly putting you to a temporary sleep cycle. This was not gonna go well if I don't take one of my seals off.

I know I'm asking for trouble once I took off my onyx ring from my thumb. The onyx ring, provided by the school, is not the one that limits my power; instead it balances my spiritual stability for me so my spiritual pressure doesn't go all over the place, so I could perfectly call my spirits without having any sort of problem whatsoever. With that being said, the onyx ring eats some of my energy away and right now, I need the all energy I can conjure up or I can't win this fight; losing is not an option.

It also looks like these guys aren't joking around; I still don't know why I'm targeted; all I know is that I need to end this…quickly.

"Don't do it," Carla warned me. But it was too late, my plan was already set. I send the two girls back and left myself open wide.

"Just for tonight," I whispered to myself.

"Looks like she is all done," the guy with the sword said. "She is all mine."

The grim reaper glared at me, he knew something was up.

"Wait, Robin, don't!" he shouted. But it was too late; his sword already plunged into my body, spewing out the blood I needed to sacrifice to summon two of my dangerous keys.

"I summon thee, Olivia. I summon thee, Cynthax"

I grabbed his hand tightly, so he would not be able to move. The demonic masked guy disappeared and appeared beside me, pointing a knife. "It is over"

I did not know for sure if I balanced my spiritual stability and my spiritual power enough to reach them. I was about to give up when Cynthax, a demonic spirit appeared and forced her metal nails into the bodies of the three guys. I let go of the guy's hand as he retrieved his sword. My blood splattered the ground; I fell weak to my knees.

A girl hiding in a cat mask appeared. "Sorry kids, needs to'borrow some of ya's energy." Depleting out their spiritual energy, she transferred it into my body to heal my wounds and to restore my spiritual energy that I lost.

"You can let go of them," I said to Cynthax, her nails still buried into their bodies. She quickly let go and the three of them dropped to the ground.

"Looks like I'm all done here," Olivia looked at me. "Next time, call me when the fight's actually interesting."

"Do you want me to finish them off?" Cynthax asked.

"No need, don't need any more reasons to give the school why they should kick me out," I tried lifting myself up, but I still felt dizzy.

The familiar face disappeared and it turned into a demonic mask again. That is an interesting power, you got there.

"Break his mask in half," I said, he'll hate me for it but he deserves it. If it was not for that mask, I would've easily finished the fight off without having to go to the extreme. Cynthax removed the mask revealing a young guy's face. She had no trouble breaking it; she left the pieces on the ground beside him.

Cynthax carried me, her hands and body was so cold it sent a chill through my spine.

"I can't walk."

"What happened?" totally ignoring me.

"I panicked." She did not ask me anymore questions. She silently returned me to my dorm room and laid me down on my bed.

"Thank you for tonight," I said.

"I will be going now," Cynthax disappeared. Despite her blood-stained dress, her menacing blue eyes with no iris, and her peculiar tattoo marks all over her body, she is the only one that I'm really close to out of my dangerous keys. I was so tired. I knew I would be in trouble in the morning so I did not waste the time and quickly fell asleep.