Wires, wrapped and hot,

around my insides.

Barbs stabbing everything

tearing and shredding anything.

All emotions replaced.

Words coating my tongue with a bitter taste.

A thought worms in; bites.

The snake of anger tightens it's grip.

My breath quickens and my wall crumbles.

All hell breaks loose and all words spit and foam out.

My head gets lighter, hands start to tremble.

This snake, now smiling, lightens his grip.

Everyone around, gone.

Just the prey in sight. Scared. Confused. Satisfied.

More anger, like a strong venom, unleashes a beast inside.

Taking hold of the wire and pulls with all his might.

Out of control. Unable to stop.

This time fear leaks in.

Can't stop. The current, too strong.

Fear attempts to take over, but the anger singes it, sending it back down.

White hot coils taking replace of viens.

Glowing red stones replacing my heart.

Eventually burning out, but not after destroying everything in its fiery path.