The roaring village burns high
They celebrate in the night
The fire sits in the middle
Licking at the starlight sky
Twining like twin serpents
Through the soft black velvet

There he sits untamed
A beast with no cage
No one dares cut him through
A leader through and through
The soldiers will always follow
Always, until the very end

A suicidal wish it is of mine
To catch him by a leash of twine
I want nothing more than to have his heart
For him to posses me, to have me all
To hold him in my arms for comfort
To show how it feels to fall

The night is ours to take, the fire ours to burn
This intoxicating masculine beast never caged
I could only contemplate how to make him mine
Eyes of glowing ember, such exquisite elegance
He is our, my leading King, his Excellency
Draping over him is nothing but gold silk

I approach this animal they call beast
He takes my hands with such pride
His movements flow like a powerful god
I follow his lip as he speaks a silent chant
They watch in awe at his gentleness
The way he carefully touches me, holds me

And now he's mine, bewitched.