"A Damaged Mind "

We were once a peaceful happy family; we thought nothing could go wrong,

But our happiness could only last so long.

Soon everything began to change,

When a member's mind slowly became deranged.

He began forgetting to do simple thing like comb his hair,

And as the years drifted by we got a scare.

He started seeing things and people who are never there,

Next he forgot the names of the people who care.

Soon things started getting worse,

He started raising his voice to his loving wife and even cursed.

Afraid he would wander away at night His wife had to secure the house locking them inside,

After that things continue on a downward slide.

When we go to visit or have family outings I can't help but sit by and watch him slowly die,

And all I can do as play a fake smile until I get home and cry.

Why is it there is nothing I can do to help or at least ease the pain?

Why is it that I sometime feel like I'm the one to blame?

His blue eyes that once were so full of life with a mind so strong,

Now seats in his chair staring in to the distance watching people dancing around to an unknown song.

No matter how much I try to hide my sadness,

It shines fully in my eyes only fueling the madness.

I miss my grandfather, the man I remember from my past who always smiled and made me laugh,

Now he is a shell of what he use to be living in a world created on his mind's behalf.

Feeling as if I'm no longer remembered destroys me; and not being able to change it kill me even more,

I wish to the powers above that things could change and his health restored.

Knowing deep in my heart that all my hoping is worthlessly in vein,

So I lay in bed holding my pillow and wait for the pain to wane.

Until my mind drifts away into an endless sleep giving my mind time to unwind,

While not to far away my grandfather and best friend suffers with a damaged mind.