He sits, knowing he should sleep.

This is the only chance he will get for a while.

But his mind is restless.

He received a letter in the mail today,

It was his first glimpse of his new baby.

He holds back the tears he feels coming,

Knowing he may never get to see his precious little girl.

And he prays.

She sits up with her knew baby,

She wonders when her husband will come home,

Or if he even will come home.

She feels selfish, knowing she wants him home,

But they need him more than she does.

The baby whines in her arms, and she wishes,

Wishes she could cry too, but she doesn't.

And she prays.

He looks at his mother and father,

knowing the ever-present worry on their face

Is for his brother.

He wonders yet again if he will come home,

And he knows what it will do to his family if he doesn't.

When he is alone in his room that night,

He kneels awkwardly, overwhelmed,

And he prays.

HE looks down on them,

Hearing their hearts cry, and their voices

Calling up to Him.

And secretly he sends an angel,

To carry his son home safely.