The Change

I look through the eyes of a young school girl crying on her bed. Every day she goes through her own version of hell. One that she makes sure to hide from her parents for reasons even an immortal like me does not understand. She is abused at school just because she looks different. Just because she is a little short and has one green eye and one blue. She is abused just because her hair is brown instead of blonde like all the other little girls in her school. She is abused just because she does not wear the makeup like everyone else.

They destroy her confidence by always telling her that she will amount to nothing looking like that. They let her know that she is ugly and will always be alone. No one even bothers to get to know her for who she is. All they want to know is how she is on the outside. It seems that is all that really matters to humans.

Most humans don't bother to get to know people for who they are.

They take one look at them and decide on whether they are good enough to be around or if they she be ignored or even worse acknowledged only to let them know of all their flaws.

This is the reason this innocent little girl is sitting on her bed crying up a storm. At ten years old she has no idea on what it is like to really have a friend. To have someone that will always have your back. She only knows the pain of being outlawed by her peers. The impudence of most people is completely unreal to me. It is something I have seen in people since the beginning of man.

Me and the other four immortals created man many centuries ago. It was one of our greatest mistakes of all time. These humans were an experiment to see what would happen if there was a large community of things that had the power of reason. It was bad since the beginning.

They destroyed each other over pointless territories they established because they could not overcome their differences of religion, looks, and beliefs. Humans have always only thought of one thing, themselves. Nothing else matters but that they are happy and well. They don't care if millions of others are suffering.

I watched mankind grow and evolve in the forms of technology and methods.

But they never evolved in their thoughts of others. Still they kill people over land and their differences with each other. I have a feeling that they will never change.

The girl on the bed gets up and goes to look at herself in the mirror. All she does is stare in the mirror and repeat over and over again that she is ugly. Those children after all these years have completely destroyed her. Her next actions only increase the sick feeling in my stomach.

The next day she returns homes and goes to her mother's room and steals her make up. She pulls some dye out of her purse and walks to the bathroom to dye her hair. In the morning she puts on the makeup she took from her mom and puts it back in her room.

She may no longer be picked on but she as disgraced herself. You should never hide your flaws. You should embrace them. You should never give a second thought to what ignorant people think of you. It only matters what you think of yourself. Why can't mankind see that? It is so simple and yet they can't see it. This happens too much for my taste.

People see what some person said in a fashion magazine and if you don't wear that then you are ugly and not worthy of their team. They hear some reporter say that doing this is the new cool thing so if you don't do then you are not worthy of their time.

No one is allowed to be an individual because being an individual would mean that you are different than everyone else. And if you are different then you are ugly or weird. People only embrace the modern trend.

These reasons are why that we must end mankind and perhaps try again. We gave them the time limit of the sun to prove that they are worthy to survive. But as the years have passed they have only sealed their fate of doom. The other immortals and I may get back together and give it another shot. We probably will because without these humans we would have very little to do.

I will have to get together with the others to see how they have viewed mankind but I have a feeling it will be much like my own. Mankind has made few leaps in the way they view each other. They have proven that they will always think of the group before of the people inside. They proved that they will never take the time to actually learn who someone is. They will only judge them by appearances. It's a shame that mankind refuses to make the ultimate change. The change of accepting people for who they are, not how you think they should be.