Ever had that moment

The one where the perfect words just fly to your lips

And you want to say them

But those perfect words could destroy everything

Tear it all down

And shove it away

I love you means everything

And it means nothing

And it means something

And what does it mean

Do you mean it

Was it automatic

Don't tell me 'cause that hurts more

Don't say you mean it

And don't take it back

Let our hearts break in the silence

And let us mean it if only for a second

Let me kiss you my apology

And I'll let you fist my hair in forgiveness

I love you

I really do

But I'm not in love with you

I'm sorry but I'm not

I want to be and it hurts

Because you want me to be too

The words you don't mean

You want me to mean them

If I love you I can't leave you

Though I promised I never would

It was you who left me remember

It was you who tore me up

Left me bleeding and stumbling for someone else to fix

It was all you so I shouldn't have been surprised

When you up and left again

With a 'I'm sorry' and a 'I love you' and a kiss

And you can't come stumbling back to me

'Cause instead of watching you walk away

While I try to catch my breath

I walked away first

And you were the one watching me walk away

You always said you loved that

I guess that's karma

She lives up to her name