She looked out the window of her boyfriend's Jimmy at the trees and fields as they passed them by. She was excited yet nervous at the same time. She knew what their plans were that night and she was getting more apprehensive the closer time ticked by. It was still midday and they had planned the entire day to spend together but it was the 'finale' that she was unsure about. What if it didn't live up to his expectations? What if he didn't love her afterwards because it wasn't good enough for him? He had assured her that he would love her no matter what but it the thought still plagued her mind.

He turned off the dirt road onto a two-track until it came to a dead end then kept going until they made it to the top of the little hill in the field where sat an old twisted apple tree with some of its small green fruit on the ground. They got out and made their picnic under the dark gray limbs. They spent the hours laughing and talking about their future.

It was their one year anniversary you know, so they planned a whole day together. It had started with him coming to her door in the morning with a breakfast of pancakes he had made before driving over so she could have 'breakfast in bed'. They made lunch and came out her to one of her father's fields to spend the day. She made a comment of how it was so beautiful up there with the fields of hay with the purple clover flowers and the amazing view of the lake and he gave his polite 'mhm' but was looking at her the entire time.

She was gorgeous. He had thought that the first time he had seen her in class in the local community college. It was his first semester and she had been the first one to talk to him with that dazzling smile on her face. With her waist length dirty blonde hair, light gray eyes that sparkle all the time and the way she held herself so confidently he couldn't help but think she was the prettiest girl in school. Being from the city he knew the cheerleader types, the bookworms, the artsy gals, and the gothic chicks but she didn't fit into just one category. One day she'd be with the artsy kids and another she'd be with the sporty types laughing and carrying on. She expressed herself in her own ways with her clothes and man she could really go all out! One day she even came to school in an outfit you might have found on a medieval page, doublet and all. She was sure of herself and it showed with the way she carried herself and that was what made him fall in love with her from the get go. It took him a year before he finally asked her out but he was bursting at the seams when she had said yes.

After a few dates they became steady boyfriend and girlfriend and had been together ever since. He had been in a few relationships before he came to the little farmer community and knew the fullest extent a relationship could go physically wise but since it was only her first relationship he didn't push the issue at all on her. He wanted her to be comfortable with him and waited for her to actually bring it up.

It was about a month ago that she had suddenly asked if he missed having sex. Surprised with the change in topic he gave his honest answer of yes which gave her a worried look on her face. He assured her that he was fine with it though until she was ready for it. He wanted it to be her choice and so she suggested maybe they could try it on their anniversary and if she got uncomfortable with it she would let him know. She hadn't said anything yet but he could tell she was worried about it. The look on her face at times she had when she thought he wasn't looking told him she might be having second thoughts.

He leaned over and kissed her as she was gabbing about how beautiful the scenery was. She returned it but was hesitant and withdrew. She looked down at the blanket and played with her paper plate that still had a few chips on it.

"You're gorgeous and you know I just can't help myself sometimes. I just gotta kiss ya," he said smiling hope to see her return it.

She gave a weak attempt of a smile but continued to look down at the blanket.

"You're worried about tonight aren't you? It's ok babe. We don't have to do it if you're not comfortable with it."

"I'm petrified actually. You haven't heard all the stories I've heard of how it's supposed to be the first time. I don't know if I could handle it…"

"Hey listen to me, I love you and I would never hurt you intentionally and if you don't want with this I wouldn't give anything just to spend all night with you in my arms."

"You're so good to me." She looked up at him now with a smile and gave him a kiss on the cheek before getting up, kicking off her shoes and starting to run down the hill to the dip that leveled out to the rest of the field. He laughed at her antics and watched as she fell down before getting back up and running some more.

They spent the day at the field before going to her house to have dinner with her family. Her family loved him and he loved them back like a second family. After dessert they went back out to the barn to feed the baby goats and ended up in their favorite place in the hayloft where they could see the stars outside through the 'window'. The laid down the blanket from earlier and just laid there in each other's arms. Then she got up on her elbow and looked down at him with a determined look on her face when he asked her what she was doing she kissed him but it was more than just a kiss it had a certain meaning to it. He gently pushed her away and looked into her face.

"I thought…"

"I love you darling and I do want to share this with you but I can't help it that I'm scared. We're going to go through this at some point since I plan on spending the rest of my life with you so why not now when everything is just perfect?"

He looked at her and saw that she was being serious before he pulled her back down and kissed her. They had made out before where it ended up with different parts of each other being undressed but had never seen each other fully naked. He was spell bound when she laid there next to him with all her silky white skin bare to him. She marveled at his body with all the muscles and reach out to explore him thoroughly. They explored each other till they thought they knew each and every inch of each other well when he gently spread her legs and caressed her folds with just the tip of his finger. She gave a small sound and spread her legs a bit more before he dipped his finger inside which made her give a little squirm. He started slow with the one finger before she warmed up to his touch and tried a second finger. She made a sound as if it hurt and he gave her a questioning look waiting to see if she wanted to stop. She opened her eyes long enough to give a nod for him to continue. He slipped in the second finger slowly and worked her some more to get used to it. He didn't need to try to fit more than two fingers in to see if she could tolerate him. He stopped, came up to her face and kissed her for a while to let her know he wasn't in a terrible hurry. She touched his member and tried to pull him towards her lips. She was still a bit scared but the burning lust in her breast was in control and it wanted him in her, to make them one. He fumbled for a moment to get the condom on but was soon between her legs. He put the tip at her lips and nestled it within the folds before leaning forward between her legs and kissing her tenderly as he gently entered her. She didn't feel anything until he was completely inside her and then it was only like a pin prick and was surprised that it didn't hurt much. She voiced what she felt and said he could try a thrust since he had wanted to make sure she was comfortable feeling him inside her. He gave a soft one and when it didn't hurt her he started out on a gentle rhythm. She found it enjoyable and didn't say anything when he picked up the pace. He tried to keep going in hopes of helping her reach her first orgasm but couldn't keep it long after having to wait a year to do it with her and the fact she felt soooo great. When he finished he pulled out, discarded the condom and held her in his arms as he calmed down from his high.

When he asked her how she felt she looked him right in the eye with a smile and answered with the word 'fantastic'. He answered her smile with a smile of his own and a kiss on the lips.

"I'm glad we did this tonight. I feel so close to you right now that I wish this could never end," she whispered in his ear when they had laid back down on the blanket.

"It's going to when the sun comes up so all we can do right now is live tonight to the fullest and I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than be right here with you in my arms."

She snuggled in close and looked outside at the stars. "Ditto."