The moon hangs in full

I can taste it in the wind

She rides high behind the storm

She boils my blood within


I am calling to the night

I am howling far away

My brothers stand beside me

Together we fight and prey


Reality cannot stop us

This dream is far too real

Loyalty, the blood we share

In each other we can feel


The time is racing fast

We soon can make our kill

Our enemies are coming now

Our blood they yearn to spill


Alone we only whisper

Together we shall scream

For brotherhood! For love!

Our very hopes and dreams!


And when we fall down…

We've finally escaped this cell

In conquest for true light

To shine through living hell


It is only blood against blood

The lovely art of warfare

The ground is stained bright red

Does anybody really care?


When the dawn breaks through

Our dreams have faded white

The lie we live today

Won't stand a chance tonight!