Hey everyone ;) The story I'm writing is based on Alice in Wonderland, but except for the beginning, there aren't too many similarities, so I hope you guys give it a shot. Oh, and please review.

Prologue: The fall

The room was dim and smoky, and there wasn't enough air to suit my needs. I don't even know why I came. The bass was so loud, I felt like throwing up. I looked around, seeing if there was a gap between the writhing, sweaty bodies. There were none. Desperate, I cut through a group of dancers, pushing and shoving my way through. Ignoring the yells and cries of annoyance, I resolutely pushed forward through the throng. I was almost at the foot of the stairs when a hand latched onto mine.

"Where are you going, Ali?" my best friend Julia asked.

"Out" I yelled.

She nodded, hesitated, then let go of my hand to rejoin her little group of dancers. I sighed. I made my way to the basement door, and from there I ran to the back door, craving the fresh air that waited for me on the other side.

Shutting the door, I took a deep breath while the wind tickled my bare legs. Julia's current boyfriend, Brent, had a huge house. I admired the large backyard, eyeing the woods beyond it. The moonlight illuminated patches of grass, lending them a sense of unreality. Suddenly, something ran across the patch closest to me. It came by again, stopping for a few seconds, allowing me to see it clearly. It was a rabbit, a beautiful white one with strange markings on its right paw.

And then, somehow, I found myself – with three inch heels, no less – chasing after it. I could barely see it, a zig-zag of white on the lawn. My heart was pounding in my chest, but I couldn't seem to concentrate on anything but the rabbit. It entered the woods, and I began to run faster, across rocks, shrubs and mushrooms. As I tried to hop over a gnarled root, my heel caught and I began to fall. I closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable punch from the earth.

But it never came. I opened my eyes and gasped. I was no longer in the forest. In fact, I had no idea where I was. The only thing I knew was that I was falling.