My heart beats with such force
in its white bone confines,
my blood is on fire
as it surges through
my quaking being
and my breath
quickens until
can barely

and then you
kiss me.
And for those moments
the world stops.
I swear it does
because when you
hold me
so close
nothing else could possibly matter,
(except my thumping heart
beating in time
with yours)
as the sugar-winged
butterflies fly
in my body.
And I'm sure you could see
(if you cared to look)
the desire and pleasure
radiating off every inch of me.
And I've never felt more
or loved
like I'm complete
and I don't want this to end.
Never leave me?
Always love me,
For ever and a day?
But then
the cool evening air
parts us
and you leave
in the aftermath
of the kiss