I look over to him. He stares out into the distance of his family's land, most likely wishing that he was out there instead of stuck in here. I feel the same, out there in the deep forests is where I belong, not trapped inside these cold walls, so high to protect the people from the dark and nasty creatures that live in the wild. Creatures like me. The thought makes me laugh, I'm a wolf in human skin, the people would riot if they knew of my presence. William looks over to me, his attention caught by my outburst of giggles.

"What do you laugh at?"

"Simply my own mind's musings."

He smiles at me and my heart flutters insanely within my chest, but also tightens at the same time. I shouldn't be here, this is not my world. Placing my hand on William's cheek, I think back to when I first saw him. At the time I wasn't pretending to be anything I'm not, I was in my natural form, in the white shaggy fur that defined me from others of my kind. William had been in the forest hunting, more specifically hunting me, but didn't shoot his bow at the last second. Instead I starred at him for several moments until moving on, not thinking he would follow me.

Alas, he did, and I became inexplicably attracted to him. So much so that I wanted to speak with him, hold him, be with him. I led him back to my cave where Khorne was sleeping, and changed into my human form. He knew I was the wolf the moment he saw me, even though my fur was gone, swapped for soft black curls and soft skin. My eyes remained the same though, electric blue. He always says they're stunning, but I think Khorne's eyes are better. He appeared right after me in his own human form. His blood red eyes glowing within the darkness of the cave.

Khorne's the first bat ever created, as I am the first wolf. William was shocked to find that such immortal beings existed, but accepted it all the same. I am thankful for that acceptance, but that's when our lives changed. We had lived our lives over the years simply, roaming wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted, watching over the human world, observing their habits. Out of all the originals, we're the only two that have ventured outside our realm to complete this task.

William brings my thoughts back to him by kissing me on the hand that is still on his cheek. I smile towards him and look out to the distance again, watching the sun slowly descend.

"William, can't we go out into the forest?"

"No, Accalia, it is much too dangerous. Without the sun, we are sitting ducks for those monsters."

I can't help but frown at his words. I am a monster he speaks of. William will sometimes slip up and forget what I am, but I never will, and one day I know I'll have to leave him along with this place and return to my fur and the forest with the rest of the monsters. I can only hope that day won't come too soon.

A/N: So this is a small piece I wrote for a competition. I'm considering continuing the story, but I'm not too sure yet. Let me know how you felt about it.

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