It was raining hard in the land of Finiel, giant blobs of water fell from the sky as if it were weeping, weeping for the death of a King. King Maximus XVI had passed and today was the day his grave site would be open to the public for his people to pay their respects. The royal graveyard resides in the Human Capitol called Azalea, located in the center of the Human's territory, surrounded by the many towns and villages in which Human's reside. Usually only his people, the Humans, visit the grave, however, there is the occasional Elf, Fairy, or Dwarf that straggle in and lay down a flower or two.

Several miles away, in the town of Calla, stands a small magic shop. Within the magic shop a young woman sits at her kitchen table, a mug of newly brewed tea cupped between her two hands. From where she sits she can see out of a window into the street, where people carrying umbrellas and adorning rain coats slowly make their way towards the Capitol and pay their respects for a man they had hardly ever seen, much less known.

Blinking away the left over sleep from her eyes, the girl walks up to the window to take a closer look at the weather. Scrunching up her nose in distaste at the storm, not for its presence, per say, but because of the source of its creation. There are traces of magic all around the sky, in the lightning, the thunder, and especially the rain drops. This weather was brought on by a sorcerer, one she didn't know, personally at least. Neither Erik nor Ivan would manipulate the weather in such a way. It was foolish to try to control the weather, it is unruly and doesn't like to be tamed, the land will probably suffer a drought or possibly a major flood because of this magicians oblivion for nature. The sorcerer must be working for the new king, Maximus XVII, the son of the deceased, who probably wanted the sky to reflect how the royal family was feeling on this day.

The sound of knocking on her door brought the girl out of her thoughts, taking several steps to her right and stepping down a few steps, she reached her door and opened it slowly, not wanting to dampen her dry house with the torrent of falling water. Seeing two familiar faces, she opens the door wider to allow entry to two young men who run past her and up the stairs into the loft. Quickly shutting the door, she walks back up to where the other two are standing and looks down at her now sopping floor.

"Reina!" One of the boys yells out in joy, with a snap of his fingers he is dry and jumps into the arms of the girl, smashing into her with a bear hug. The boy's blonde hair tickled the spot beneath Reina's nose and she has to huff out to blow the teasing strands away before she sneezes all over him. "Ivan," Reina greets quietly, hugging the boy back before backing away to look at the other boy, "Erik, what brings you two here? And in such weather?" The other boy, Erik, now just as dry as the other, answers her while walking towards her kitchenette in search of something warm to drink. "Have you not heard, Reina? We've been summoned." Reina tilts her head slightly to the side, the only sign that she's confused. "Summoned? By who?"

"By the King, of course!" Ivan laughs, "Who else would dare summon us? Anyway, have you not received your letter yet? I guess it would be difficult for the delivery man to do his job what with this blasted weather! I can't believe someone actually cast this spell, it's so irresponsible! Any idiot with an ounce of magic knows not to mess with the weather. This will definitely come back to bite us all in the butt, mark my words." He points directly at Reina, as if she's responsible for the enchanted storm, "What was I talking about again? Oh, yes, the summons. Well King what's-his-face—" "Maximus, Ivan, it's the same as the past twenty some kings" Erik interrupts calmly. "Fine, King Maximus has summoned the three of us. Something about wanting us to help the Humans of Finiel. You know, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, stuff he should be doing, really."

"Now, Ivan, that's not where he's coming from. The King simply wants some help, and we wouldn't be feeding the hungry, we can't do that any better than the people of this village, but he wants us for things like plagues, natural disaster relief, and to be ambassadors with our exotic neighbors." Erik corrected, now coming over to sit at the table that Reina had previously occupied. She followed suit and took her seat next to him, thinking about what the two of them had just told her. Only one question passed through her mind that she thought was worth voicing, "Why us? There are many other sorcerers out there. I mean," She pauses for some time before continuing with her thought, "I suppose I understand the King summoning the two of you, but it's not as if I'm a fan favorite of the royals. My form of magic isn't exactly conventional."

The two boys glance at one another, Ivan, having also sat down at the small table on the other side of Erik, twitched uneasily in his seat before answering. "Well, we were thinking that he's summoning you because of that, to, er, keep an eye on you I guess. Not that they think you're doing anything illegal, of course! But I think the King's just...oh, I don't know, covering his basis? Look, we know you won't go attacking any more cities now that Dun—I mean, now that he's gone, but I suppose they're not really all that sure on where you stand."

Reina shrugged her shoulders and gave out a long sigh, she should have guessed. "What I'm concerned about," Erik begins, swiftly changing the subject, "is how the King expects us to perform tasks for him. Look at what he's gotten some other sorcerer to do. Use magic to make it rain on his father's public funeral. It's so theatrical. I worry that he doesn't take our powers seriously, as if we are simply a means to his ends, even more simply, his weapons."

"Well if that is indeed his plan, then we'll shown him quickly that we are not his property! One wrong move and that King will have to deal with a nasty little curse, perhaps boils, or a plague of locusts that only follow him around. Yes, that sounds good. Locusts never go out of stye, at least not in my opinion."

Erik rolls his eyes, though not truly annoyed by Ivan's endless chatter, over the years he's almost built up a complete immunity to it. "You're not one for curse, Ivan. No, that's more Reina's area of expertise." He comments, looking over at the young sorceress. Reina can't help but blush in embarrassment, her brows scrunching together, a rare show of emotion. She keeps her mouth shut, however, all too aware that he was baiting her. Ever since she had left her past master, Dunstan, Erik had been trying his best to get her to show any hint of emotion, even if that emotion is anger.

The main reason Reina allows his attempts to go on without any resistance, such as a backlash of spells, is because she knows he's trying to help her, but old habits die hard. Dunstan had raised her to be an emotionless being, a weapon at his disposal to fight for him whenever he called for her. If the two of them weren't speaking about magic or his plans for domination, then they weren't speaking at all. This form of upbringing caused Reina to become distant and remote, which was good for her spell casting, but awful for her social skills. However, thanks to Erik's constant attempts, and Ivan's insensate chatter, slowly but surely Reina has been coming out of her shell.

"When does the King want us?" She asks, allowing for a new subject to take hold of their conversation. Erik simply smirked at her and let Ivan take charge of answering. "Tomorrow, I think, right?" He pauses for an insignificant amount of time. "Right. He wants us to report at the palace tomorrow, apparently, and then he'll give us a week to settle in and unpack. Which, I suppose, is pretty generous, but who cares. Are we supposed to dress up fancy, by the way? Since we're meeting royalty and all? That's gonna be super annoying. I hate getting dressed up, and I know Reina does too. In fact, do you even own anything fancy?" He looks at her with his big blue sapphire eyes, peering into her own sharp forest green ones, waiting for her to answer.

Reina's brows knit into one another even further, of course she had nice clothes. Just because she didn't dress like a wealthy maiden everyday didn't mean she couldn't. She told Ivan as much and he quickly backed off, seemingly pleased with this new information. Erik looked over at the clock on the wall above Reina's sink, it was already half past noon. Half the day was gone and if the three of them would be leaving for Azalea tomorrow then they would have to get moving and start packing. He coughed before standing up, not because of sickness, but to signify to the others that time was running short. Ivan picked up the signal quickly and also stood. "We'll see you at the palace tomorrow Reina, around ten? Now don't forget to dress pretty my dear!" He finished with a wink, leaned over and gave Reina a kiss on the cheek before heading out after Erik, back into the town and into the downpour.

After the door had closed, Reina looked around her home. She had been here for two years. Two years of helping the people of the town with trivial things such as cures for colds and pest control, simple things to keep herself busy, but also away from thinking about larger things, such as the where-bouts of Dunstan. She would miss it. Reina didn't like the idea of being summoned and forced from her home, but she supposed it would be much more problematic if she ignored the summons all together, even if she technically hadn't receive the official summons yet.

Muttering a short incantation, her semi-damp floor dried instantly and looked as if it had just received a waxing. Reina walked up a few stairs into her small room and opened up her closet. Although she didn't have too many clothes, since she didn't see the reason for such a large wardrobe, she did have several nice articles of clothing. She dragged her fingers along the silky sleeve of one of her finer dresses, remembering the last time she wore it. Back then Reina was still with Dunstan, it was just after he had struck up a deal with the Queen of the Vampires, Lilith, and the three of them were dining in the Queen's under ground lair. Dunstan had bought the dress for the occasion, overjoyed with his success.

Reina sighed and backed away from the closet and towards the middle of the room and knelt down to the ground. Exhaling deeply, the sorceress slid her pointer finger slowly over the wooden floor in the form of a circle. From where her finger touched, a purple line followed, making Reina's markings visible, even though she was not using any writing utensils. Next, Reina drew an inverted triangle inside of the circle, adding three smaller circles at each of the triangle's points. Inside of the circles she formed three symbols, the first a crescent moon, the second the outline of a wing, and the third an oval.

Placing her hand in the middle of the triangle, the purple markings flashed a bright light before disappearing all together. Looking up, Reina could see the effects of her spell in motion. All around her objects were moving across the room, forming neat piles, and then moving onward into emerging boxes that Reina had stashed all around the house from when she had previously moved in. Soon enough every object in her apartment would be packed away for her journey to the Capitol tomorrow. Sitting down on her bed, Reina watched with small amusement at the magic happening around her, placing her attention on the things in front of her and trying to dissipate the uneasiness forming in the pit of her stomach. Tomorrow was going to be interesting, though in a good way or a bad, Reina couldn't tell, and that was making the uneasiness within her develop all the faster.

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