The Test of Humanity

I stand looking through a one way window at three different people in three separate rooms. One of these men is a thin man with neck long brown hair with green eyes sparkling with fear. This man is just an average man. Someone you would just find walking on the street. The second man has short black hair with dark brown eyes. He is nothing more than scum. He is a crook and thief. The last person is a beautiful lady. She has long blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes. She is a priest for a church in town. These people, even though they are so very different, they will be given the exact same test.

First up will be the average Joe. I have one of my close friends bring a tied up man to his room. Along with the man there is a knife. After this is done I come over the loud speaker attached to his room and let him know that if he does not kill this man with the knife given then he will die instead. The man just stands their completely surprised by my voice.

He just stands their shivering with fear, trying to make his decision. It takes him only an hour to pick the knife up and stab the man in the chest two times. The man just steps back after his deed and cries. It is time to move on to the crook.

I do the same thing to the crook. I have a body placed there with a knife and let him know that he must kill the man to save his own life. It only takes him half an hour to slit the man's throat. To make such an important decision in such a small amount of time proves just what scum that man is. That is two down one to go.

The religious woman is next. The same routine is done as the other two. She stands there and shouts how I will go to hell for what I am doing to her. I am the devil in disguise and she will never do my dirty deed. All it takes for her to do the same as the others is a warning that she only has one minute to decide. She picks the knife and does the same as the two before her. I have all three of them killed.

This test proves my hypothesis true. It proves that weather you are a holy man, a crook, or just an average person trying to get by, you will kill to ensure your own safety. You are prepared to take a parent, a sibling, a spouse, and a child themselves to save your own life. I had a feeling I would get this result but I had to test it all the same.

Human beings will never think of others. When faced with a hard decision they will always choose the easy way out or the way that benefits themselves. They do not care who they hurt in the process as long as they are alright in the end. Is it really worth taking someone else's life to preserve your own? Are the nightmares worth having every night? I guess to most people in the world they are. What a shame.