I'm feeling a bit relaxed at this moment.

I can't feel the heavy burden that's been on my chest
as if it just decided to get up and fly away.

Although it's a bit cold outside
I'm out here, on a bench in the park,
just listening to everything.

Certainly there is no one playing on the swings
or messing with the sand
but as I right now, I don't even care.

I'm feeling at ease at this moment

The skies are grey,
the ground slightly powdered with snow,
and here I am, thinking it is the most beautiful day.

It slowly begins to rain
but I've decided to stay a bit longer,
taking in it all in before it too

And as I throw my head back,
and face the dark clouds
I close my eyes,
while the raindrops
hide my tears.

I'm blissfully content.