The Origin of the Phoenix

A Response to: Armies in the Fire by Robert Stevenson

Closer, closer, closer it comes

With feet that sound like battle drums

An army of men wreathed in fire

Leaking hate and seething ire

Pure inferno of rage and hate

There's none it won't incinerate

Its wrath turned on a kingdom good

But in its way a woman stood

Behold the queen of kingdom near

Her eyes were strong, she showed no fear

The marching men looked down with gall

And then the flames began to crawl

They formed into a massive beast

And so await the coming feast

It roared and shrieked and gnashed its teeth

Its fire burned the ground beneath

"Foolish child!" The demon sneered

The ground around him black and seared

"Too meet me here is truly rash!

Before I turn your bones to ash!"

She raised her head with steady voice

"Foul demon, I have made my choice

You may have conquered distant land

But for my people I will stand"

"We know your soul is truly black

By the innocent you attack

And thus I shall not let you near

People whose lives I hold so dear"

The monster laughed up from his throat

And said, "Such charming words you wrote

Perhaps your courage is just a fake

Even from here I see you shake"

Then the creature pounced upon

The brave young queen, who soon was gone

Devoured by inferno's might

Till none but ashes were in sight

"I have won you silly girl"

But then the ash began to whirl

His mighty blaze began to dim

The beast's great form collapsing in

Around the ash the flame did storm

Taking on a human form

The beast looked on in shock and awe

And then he screamed from smoking maw

"What is this madness? It cannot be!

You could not have defeated me!

You were burned before my eyes!"

But it ignored his ceaseless cries

And then the flames took final form

Into a glow both soft and warm

A brave young girl ablaze with light

Reborn to win this final fight

The demon bellowed one final time

Then vanished as befit his crime

And behold the thing that took its place:

The brave young queen so full of grace

And that is how the legend spread

Of the girl who once was dead

From blazing will a Phoenix born

Then vanished with the coming morn