Who is the puppet master?

Where is the one who controls the show?

I see the strings get pulled faster and faster,

and yet, I see no puppet master.

I witness the dolls following his direct instructions,

as if they alone are responsible of these actions.

I can see they are all puppets though.

Their strings can be seen in the show.

But where, do these strings all go?

More importantly, why do these puppets look so real?

Does the puppet master use this as a defensive veil?

Whoever it may be,

this power he wields quite powerful.

All I can hope, is that he doesn't turn on me.

Following these strings is like riding a bull.

I may never find a source.

What's this? Strings in my hands?

They leading to a figure.

One, of hundreds that are controlled by my elusive hands.

Why, I'm The Puppet Master.