Being a guardian angel had always been an easy job. All that you were required to do was keep the mortal safe and make sure they stay out of danger. You know, speeding cars, slipping on ice, falling off a roof, slipping down the stairs. The usual.

On a normal basis a guardian angel will be given 6 charges, each of whom may have an accident nine or ten times in their lives.

Of course when I was given her as a charge I had no idea how many mishaps she has each week. She's the clumsiest human I've ever accounted for, oblivious to road safety, pulls entire bookcases on top of her and constantly falls down stairs. Who saves her from these clumsy incidents each time? You're right. Me.

I pull her back in the street moments before she gets squished by a car, rearrange her cupboards, fix the rail on her balcony and have hidden those skates she brought last year. All in all, I've saved her from death almost 200 times in the three years she has been my charge.

She's the clumsiest girl in the world and I feel proud to have saved her so often.