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The Eye of Horus

by dsf

"Are you sure you want to dig into this mystery?" a voice behind him had asked, "I think we should let him be, since he is doing us all a favour by catching all the wanted murderers in our little city."

Lieutenant Julian Dales faced him, a stoic expression on his rugged face as he regarded his companion coldly, "I don't think you're taking this seriously, Perez." He said with his gruff voice as he stood up from his desk brimming with papers regarding the serial killer case that has got the whole city of Polyushko in an uproar. The city, its media and public, has denounced the case as 'The Eye of Horus.' Although, with many against the idea of a murderer killing off its kin prancing around the gentrified city, countless have also been with the idea of lessening the crime rate of the people's beloved city.

Perez, a man in his late twenties with a kind face and trimmed black hair, followed his partner out the door, wearing his trench coat on and asking where they were going, "Weren't you looking at the files I gave you about the murders? Did you find a connection? His location perhaps?" he asked continuously as he joined Julian inside his car, rubbing his hands profusely from the cold, "Can you please answer at least one question?" he asked desperately.

Julian sighed, he was a man in his late thirties, quite experienced with his line of work with a normal build, an unshaven face and dark, brooding eyes as if the whole world was his burden, "First of all, she is not a 'he.'" He raised his palm to stop Perez from interrupting, "Reason is because I found a piece of chipped off nail polish in the first victim's clothes." He ran his hand across his unruly hair, starting the engine as he continued his deduction, "Another reason is that underneath the third victim's fingernails, skin DNA was found to match a missing girl's from ten years ago. Right now though, we're going to the last crime scene since I found evidence that our culprit goes back to check on the scene after the body's moved." He smirked, sinister and conniving, the dark clouds in the sky matching with him, "Elementary, my dear Watson."

The crime scene wasn't what scared Sergeant Perez; it was the feeling of someone evil actually taking the time to burn their victim's left eye to a bloody crisp. It doesn't matter though, since he was on the side of the killer, not with killing, but with the fact that the crime rate in his city has dropped drastically since the appearance of Horus' Emblem. He continued his musings as the duo trekked through the forest, the cold autumn air chilling them, as they were a few miles away from the urban city. His eyes never left the ground as he scanned for any evidence that the Unsub really does come back to the crime scene.

His attention was snatched from him when Julian pushed him down to the ground, right beside the dried blood where the victim was found. He gagged, the smell of burnt flesh still lingering in the air. "What was tha-!" his complaint died on his lips as he saw a knife embedded itself on a tree trunk where his head had been just a few seconds ago, he looked to Julian, the latter breathing hard and crouched down on the soft ground beside him; weather was never bright in Polyushko, even now in early Winter; seems fitting to a town where murderers were abundant.

The silence around the forest was deafening. The dark clouds already darker as the sun had set, leaving the two officers in the cover of night, "Get your gun out," Julian said calmly, grabbing Perez's arm towards him while they took cover behind an oak tree, "She's here." He grinned down at him, mocking him.

"This isn't the time." Perez muttered, a blush dusting his cheeks, crouching beside Julian as he drew his gun out, "I'll go call for back-up; distract her." He said quite loudly as he got up and stalked backwards, tripping on a log as another knife zoomed past him, caressing his cheek as a deep red line appeared on the smooth surface. Once again, he ducked, thanking whatever God had given him luck. "What now?" he whispered to Julian, making sure his voice blended in with the sound of the forest.

Julian ignored him, choosing to focus on the spot where the knife had come from. No one was in advantage, unless of course she had some kind of night vision goggles or what-not. So, with the stealth of a lion, he stood up, making no noise as he made sure that the culprit cannot see him. Unbeknownst to him, she had done the same calculations and is a step ahead, "Stay here, keep your eyes peeled and do not mutter a single sound." he whispered to Perez, eyes darting left and right, trying to distinguish any kind of movement.

The moon had risen: a full moon, the clouds parting, giving her space to shine light on the forest while Julian cursed. It was better to be hidden under the dark; there was a better chance of catching the culprit off guard. Now, it was a battle of wits, of strength and of stamina. He darted forward, intent written on his face as he scanned his surroundings, looking for any sound, any movements, anything that would give away the location of his enemy. A soft movement caught his eye, a soft whiplash of long dark hair to his left. He sped up along with it in its direction, catching sight of the fleeing girl; her movements blurry as he stumbled after her, making sure he does not lose sight of her. Then, all of a sudden… she disappeared.

He blinked: once, twice, three times, stopping his trek as he re-scanned his surroundings. He caught sight of a small river to his left, parallel to the way he was running… and a thought occurred to him, "A mirage!" he shouted, cursing his intellect as he looked to his right, a woman with long dark hair that reached her back, dark eyes that shone with the moon's light and a smile that sent shivers down his spine stood a few metres away from him. Caught off guard, he didn't have the time to register the knife she had thrown with perfect precision and accuracy straight for his head…

A gunshot had resounded.

Lieutenant Julian Dales went down; the knife passing a few inches away from its intended target. Breathing hard, Sergeant Perez clutched his gun in his shaking palms, pointing it to where the woman had stood. Again, she disappeared. Only this time, gone. He ran towards Julian, tripping and stumbling on his adrenaline-powered feet, "Are you okay?" he asked, pulling him upright and tending to him. Julian only gave him a look, raising an eyebrow as he clutched at his grazed leg, "Thanks, Perez." He muttered as he struggled to stand up, "Let's get back; there are some band aids at the car and I have new things to research about."

"You know, that was smart, thinking to shoot me in the leg when the knife was coming at me." Julian chuckled, a few weeks have passed since the fiasco and new leads have been found for the case. Leads only Julian knows.

Perez, flustered, rubbed the back of his neck, a small smile on his face, "Well, I was quite far from you so I couldn't just jump and block the knife." He muttered, "So I guess I had no choice but to shoot you." He claimed, the smile growing into a grin, "So, you said you needed to research on a bunch of things… did you find anything?" he asked, hopeful.

"Unfortunately, no." he said, eyes downcast, looking at some files he was holding, "Though, I think I need a vacation." He said finality in his voice as he stood up, arranged his desk and walked out.

"Wait!" Perez shouted after him, "You're just gonna leave? What about the case? We can't just let her get away!" Julian smirked, "I thought you agreed to her ways?" he asked, looking back at him as he put on his jacket. "Well, I did agree, but now, after shooting, or in her case, throwing knives at us, I don't anymore. It is one to target criminals; it is another to target innocent people." He said, eyes solemn a he stared at his partner, "You're changing the topic… Why leave now?"

"You'll soon see." He said, winking, "I'm growing old, you know." And with that, he left.

Lieutenant Julian Dales stared at the run-down, abandoned house in front of him. Elizabeth Suttle has been missing for more than ten years; after her father was murdered by the very first victim in the Eye of Horus case. He was stupid for not seeing that connection after finding the girl's DNA on the third victim. He entered, quietly, stealthily, as he held his gun at ready. His plan was to at least try and negotiate with the girl, to stop killing and turn herself in. Easier said than done; sometimes it is a lot easier to confront deranged people without a motive than a sane person with definite purpose.

A thud had caught his attention to a door right in front of him. He opened the door slowly, pointing his gun at the figure in front of him: Elizabeth Suttle herself, staring back at him from her vanity as she sat down combing her long hair, "May I ask whatever are you doing here?" a soft voice with a kind tone.

He lowered his gun, "Is a reason necessary? I don't know why you would kill someone, but as for saving someone, is a reason necessary?" he had answered her with a question.

She smiled at him once again, putting her comb away and standing up, "The deed of a superhero, wrapped in the mind of a murderer. But what is evil, when good is labelled bad?" a battle of wits. Of reason. She walked towards him as he raised his gun, "You know Officer, I remember you. You were one of the officers in charge of my father's case." She smiled, this time sinister as she stopped a few feet away from him.

"Yes, I was." He said, apology evident in his voice, "There was nothing I could do about it, because there wasn't enough evidence to convict him."

"My eyes weren't evidence enough?" she asked, grabbing her knife from a back pocket, "I was an eyewitness." She said, staring at the blade of her knife with an indifferent look, "You were too young, we couldn't use your testimony against him." He replied back, his hands steadily gripping his gun, "Now, lower the knife so I won't shoot."

"My, my, quite daunting words." She mocked as she raised her knife, taunting him.

It all happened in a flash. He shot her.

She dodged while muttering: "A pistol's bullet travels roughly at three hundred fifty metres per second. Not fast enough." He gasped, feeling the sharp edge of the knife pierce right through his jacket and dress shirt straight through to his heart. She kept him upright, whispering sweet nothings in his ear as she slowly slid him down the ground, removing her jacket smothered with his blood, "You're quite messy, Mr. Officer. Now I need a new jacket."

"You're… a devil." Julian struggled to say from his position on the floor.

"I'm restoring peace, as I'm sure you deducted from the burnt eyes of those filthy mongrels." She smirked, walking away from his prone form lying beneath her, "I may be a devil, but wouldn't you say I am a god as well?"

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